Friday, June 12, 2009

Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee @ USJ 9

As everyone knows, restaurants in Taipan sprouts like mushrooms and closes just as fast.
It keeps things interesting as the so-so restaurant dies off a natural death.
Sometimes, the death is slow, other times, lightning fast.

One day while we were near Taipan, we saw this new restaurant selling Pan Mee and decided to give it a try.
The restaurant is located in the USJ 9 Business Centre, facing Taipan.
Same row as Nam Heong Chicken Rice and Vietnam Kitchen.
It's hard to miss it as the simple(unattractive) yellow signboard stands out like a sore thumb.

Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee in USJ 9.

The menu is just one piece of laminated paper. Very limited choices indeed. And it reminds me of eating out in Macau. The menu is written in Chinese *sigh*. I thought people here would have more sense to use English as well. Or maybe they thought the pictures say it all. I even had trouble ordering drinks =S

I ordered the specialty which is Chilli Pan Mee. It comes with a good portion of ikan bilis(anchovies), minced pork and an egg. The noodles are dry but they serve a small bowl of soup to go with it.

My small bowl of soup with a meat ball. It looks like 2 meat balls swimming in the soup doesn't it? It's actually only ONE meat ball sliced in half =P

This is the famous chilli which puts the "Chilli" in Chilli Pan Mee. It's quite spicy, so take it slow and don't dump too much on your noodles just in case you burn your tongue. Once you taste it, it's easy to get addicted and start adding more and more to your noodles. That's what happened to me =P

Mum ordered the soup version. Same ingredients but she held back on the chilli.

Priced at RM 5.50 for a bowl of pan mee, it is a pretty good value for money in my opinion.
The portion is definitely big enough and it comes with a nicely cooked egg.
The restaurant is clean and there is aircon.
Seriously, I wouldn't mind paying a bit more compared to eating in stuffy and dirty coffee shops (which are charging RM4/bowl of noodles anyways)

Maybe it was just our luck that we tried out Super Kitchen on their 1st day of opening.
Service was chaotic and inattentive.
Mum's drink didn't arrive even though I was already done with half of my noodles.
When I asked about the drink, was told that "That juice finish already".
Geez...if it's out, then the least they could do was to inform us so we could order something else instead of just ignoring the customer's thirst.
The funny thing was, even after that, the waiter didn't even bother to ask us if we wanted to order any other drink.
He just walked away -_-

Then, when we were almost done eating, another waiter brought 2 bowls of noodles and set it down on our table.
Said it was an extra order O_O
Please lar...are they blind or something?
How can I or Mum eat 2 bowls of noodles each?
Told him we didn't order it and he started to insist we did when another waiter told him that the extra noodles was for a different table.
He blurly walked away...

Damn drama just for noodles.
The staffs really need more training before they open for business.
I know there are teething problems for any new business, but definitely the level of service could've been way better.
Left quite a bad impression on me.
Maybe I'll give their Curry Pan Mee a try some day.
Hopefully by then, their service would have improved by a mile and serve us drinks.


ladyviral said...

My family went there for dinner once, claim it was only so-so.. told me "don't bother going to try" haha... mentioned price was reasonable but didn't taste so good.

Tracy said...

I agree. Not worth making a special trip to try it at all.Unfortunately, there's not many places to eat around Subang Jaya that's good =(

ladyviral said...

Yea I know. But if you looking for chinese food, there is a restaurant that is popular for their Fish Heads. I will need to find the map for you :)

Oh here it is haha. F4 Fish Head. Quite reasonable prices too. I love their ginger simmer fish head :) go give it a try :)

Tracy said...

Thanx for the recommendation. Will give it a try one day =)

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