Monday, June 22, 2009

Closed on Monday

It's just my luck...I had been pestering the gals to have bak kut teh in the leng chai(Yu Kee bak kut teh) shop in SS14 and finally we decided to go today.
The whole day I was salivating...thinking of the yummy bak kut teh soup.
But guess what....the shop was freaking CLOSE!!! =(
What a bummer.

We then had to make do and decided to try out another bak kut teh shop a few shops away.
That stretch of shophouses in SS14 has many many bak kut teh's been doubt the bak kut teh place of Subang Jaya.
No choice la...have to make do since my fav bak kut teh shop is close =(

Maybe I'm biased...but I still prefer my leng chai shop's bak kut teh. This one ain't too bad as the soup is thick and portion is reasonable.

Chicken in wine that was really packed with a strong taste of alcohol.

Pig stomach soup which is tasty but too much pepper.

We also had a plate of vege and yau char kuai.
The bill came up to RM49 including drinks.
Well...let's just say I would only come back to this shop if my leng chai shop is closed.
I shall learn my lesson and not go for bak kut teh on a Monday again =P
I'm trying really hard to remember what's the name of this bak kut teh shop and I just can't.
I've tried asking Regina and her memory ain't much better than mine!

After dinner, we sat there chit chatting non stop and then Yann Mei suggested we go for some Taiwanese dessert across the highway in SS15.

Snowflake is located on the 1st floor in the row of shophouses opposite Asia Cafe.

The deco in the shop is very minimalistic and bright. Crowd here are mostly college students...we kinda stood out with the gals all in their office wear =)

This restaurant even have an UFO. A beeping kidding!

The UFO will beep, flash and vibrate when your order is cute is that?

This is the Snowflake special. It's a very big bowl...good for sharing =)

The special has a layer of cincau with ice shavings on the bottom. It's then topped with pieces of yam and sweet potatoes.

Shey Imm's Fruit Tea. comes with pieces of fruits floating around.

My bubble milk tea. I missed having bubble milk tea...I used to have about 4 cups of these while in Macau. So when I saw it on the menu...I can't resist =) Unfortunately, it was a big letdown. It was too sweet and not milky enough. They should go learn how to make a really good bubble milk tea from Hong Kong or Macau. The ones in Zhuhai ain't too bad either.

It's always nice to be able to spend time with the gals.
The topics we get into are always was about hair removal =P
I'm glad we managed to meet up almost every week since I got back.
Shall plan where we can go for dinner next week =)

No.61A, First Floor,
Jalan SS15/8A,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

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