Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Twilight Saga

I managed to finish all four books in record time.
My social life was kinda on hold just so I could feed my need for sexy vamps and hot wolves.

Let me just say this.
Bella gets on my nerves.
Sometimes, it's so irritating to read her thoughts.
I'll just skip right through it.
I know...but that's the way I read my books.
I'm so impatient to know the whole story that I'll ignore things that I deem unimportant.
In this case, Bella's thoughts.
I just can't stand her.
Irritates me to no end...ughhh
She's right, she doesn't deserve either Edward or Jacob.

Anyways, I did love the Twilight Saga.
It was exciting, imaginative and funny.
Of all the books, I love Breaking Dawn the best.
One good reason is because a part of the story was told through Jacob's thoughts instead of Bella's.
It was refreshing.
It was funny.
It made me fell in love with Jacob as well.
Nothing beats a guy with a great sense of humour =P

The book I like the least would probably be New Moon.
Because of the stupid Bella.
But that doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to the movie that's coming out soon.
I so want to see a half naked Jacob ;P

Find more videos like this on The Twilight Saga

If only men like Edward exist...sigh...
Yes, I know, he's a vampire.
And I'm married.

Since I skipped part of Bella's thought, I'm now going to read the whole Saga again.
That's what I normally do anyway, for books that I like.

No regrets getting my collection of Twilight Saga books.
I even watched the Twilight movie again for comparison.
And Bella irritated me in the movie as well.
Maybe I'm just jealous of her...but she's seriously bloody irritating. I wish I can have my own lullaby.
Sigh...Eric can't even sing, what more write me a lullaby.
But a girl can dream right?
Yup...I can just hear Eric saying it...
"Dream on baby"

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