Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Had a little celebration in Republic at Pyramid last night.
While waiting for Ian, Lihao and Sam to arrive, I was already half way done with my Sangria and a waiter even gave me his number O_O

Memorable quotes of the night

"Everyone likes it hard"

"You're hotter now than when we were in college"

"I parked under a streetlight"

"_____ looks like an uncle" (The said uncle shall not be named =P)

There were more funny stuffs being said the whole night, but my memory is not helping me to remember much.

And I got emo when discussing sharing my toys.The conclusion was...I'm a selfish bitch and I don't share.Woman should just keep their hands off my toys and my man aka Eric.

Must be the alcohol that made me so emo. Or is it 'cause I'm now 28? least I'm still hot ;P

I definitely had a great time last night.
Thank you Sam, Ian and Lihao for being there with me =D

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