Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Love to Save by Digi

Today, I discovered something great being sponsored by Digi.
I'm a Maxis customer but this cause is so wonderful, I'm supporting it wholeheartedly.
Though I'm still in a grey mood, seeing such a great effort being made by Digi cheered me up a little.

This is how Digi is trying to help out society in the economic slowdown we're in...

"Money isn’t the only thing we can save.

The amazing thing we’ve discovered is that even in difficult times, people still find energy to care about something beyond themselves.

For some people it’s children. For others it’s the planet.
That inspired us at DiGi to try and raise RM150,000 in 30 days.
And you have the power to help with a single click.
And it does NOT matter which mobile network you are on – just as long you are among those who LovetoSave.
Just click once on the charity you’d like to support, and DiGi will donate RM5 to it.

We all have a cause close to our hearts.
This is our chance – all of us – to contribute"

Click on the banner below if you Love To Save =)

The charity I've decided to donate to is the SPCA.
I know I don't have a good track record with pets (their deaths are so not my fault) but I have a soft spot for furry four legged pets.
(I can't wait to see Desmond's new puppy!)

Discovering this effort by Digi kinda shook me up from wallowing in self pity.
There are people, animals and mother nature who are in a more dire straits that I am.

What is my little heartache compared to the suffering of abused women, kids and dogs?

All it takes is a click from you.

And Digi donates RM5 to your chosen charity (there are many other charity besides SPCA that you can donate to).

It's not even your own money!!!
How great is that, huh?
Donate to charity with someone else's money...it doesn't get any better than this.


Jess said...

I have done the clicking!!

Tracy said...

Thanks Jess =)

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