Sunday, May 31, 2009

Running Nose

I'm feeling so sick right now =(
Have not been feeling well since yesterday and it got worst today.
The impromptu trip back to Sitiawan might have made me sick even more.
And Melaine just told me she's not feeling well also. least Grandma got to have a look at me.
She was super worried since she found out I was hospitalized in April.
So seeing me in person probably put her mind at rest.
But I was so sick just before we left, I think I got her worried again. head is spinning, my throat hurts and my nose running.
Come to think of it, my whole body is aching.

I need some loving to get better.
Where's my darling?

Friday, May 29, 2009

My 1st Cow!

Before I get started on Blossoms, I was finishing up a small project.
Bought it in Zhuhai some time back and it's the first time I'm stitching a Cow.
As it's supposed to be an accessory, the so-called cloth is made of soft plastic.
I wasn't used to stitching on such a material before and I found it to be a pain.
So I procrastinated =P
In the end, I broke two needles =(

So, why did I choose a Cow?
Because I planned to give it to a Cow in our family...moo mooOOoo

To make this cute little Cow, I have to stitch two cows which is a mirror image of each other.

Once the cows are done, cut it out carefully following the edges. So now there's two separate pieces.

Then stitch both pieces together at the edges. And stuffed it with synthetic cotton to bloat it up.

End result is a cute smiling 3D Cow!

I hope you like your Cow Melaine =P

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Making of Dumplings

Today, we Chinese celebrate the Dumplings (also known as Dragon Boat) festival which falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month (May 28th).

Mum and Aunt Serene decided to make their own dumplings again this year.

As with most Chinese festival, there's always a story (sometimes mystical) on why it's being celebrated.

In it's Wiki page, it's said that dumplings were thrown into the river either to feed fishes or dragons (I still want a dragon pet thanks to Eragon!) to save a suicidal scholar's life in the olden days.

However the festival came about, I'm sure nobody throws dumplings into rivers anymore.
Unless they want to feed the catfishes.

Fried glutinous rice is a must for dumplings.

Lots of yummy ingredients to stuff our dumplings with.

Salted egg yolk is Melaine's and my all time fav. We wanted century egg in our dumplings but the Mums said "" =(

Dried oysters and scallops

Chinese mushrooms & chestnuts with some groundnuts.

Some beans which is omitted in those dumplings made by me =P

Dried scrimps (these are kinda big, I prefer those smaller "ha mai")

Lean pork 'cause we're health conscious. I actually prefer it to have some porky fats as it adds flavour to the dumpling making it super yummy.

Without these, there's no dumplings. Bamboo leaves =) (which got hijacked at Jusco during our shopping trip)

This is how you make a dumpling...demonstrated by Mum.

Take 2 bamboo leaves and stack it together.
Then, fold it into a cup like in the pic.
Make sure there is no hole at the bottom of the bamboo cup to avoid making a big mess.

Fill the bamboo cup with all the ingredients...don't put too much as you still need to add the rice.

Fill up the remaining spaces of the bamboo cup with glutinous rice.

Now, this is where real skills are needed...
Make sure you have a good grip on the cup and it's not too full.
Then fold the tail of the leaves to cover the cup like a lid.
If it's overflowing, then take some of the ingredients out of the cup and try again.

This is how it should look like with the lid close.

Take the remaining tail and fold it to the side so that nothing is sticking out.

Take a string and tie the dumpling. Make sure the string goes over the tail to keep it in place.

Showing off my skills at making dumplings.
Mum and Aunt Serene are surprised mine turn out so well -_-
I never said I didn't know how to make dumplings...just too lazy to show them I could =P

Dumplings are made in little bunches like these.

We made so many dumplings...I've got a feeling Melaine and I will be having dumplings everyday for a week O_O
Boil the dumplings in lots of water for a few hours until you're sure it's cooked
Once cooked, it doesn't look different much. Maybe just a little more plump and the bamboo leaves colour kinda faded a little.

This is our own home made dumpling =)

I hope everyone is enjoying their dumplings today and not throwing it into the river.

Though I know someone is complaining that the 7 dumplings she ate at home doesn't have any salted egg yolk =P

Sunday, May 24, 2009

So Blur

Went to 1 Utama yesterday with Mum, Aunt Serene and Melaine.
We were supposed to be getting a present for my cousin who is celebrating his birthday today.

But we ended up buying stuffs for ourselves =P
Stuffed ourselves with a yummy dinner and then shop some more.

As usual, Mum and Aunt Serene gets attracted to supermarkets.
Our shopping trips are never complete unless we make a visit to the supermarket.
So we let them loose in Jusco...and they proceeded to buy stuffs to make Chinese dumplings as the festival is next week.
I was in charged of watching after our trolley which was getting filled up by Mum and Aunt Serene.
Melaine was wandering around herself.
As we were in the eggs section choosing salted eggs, suddenly we realized I was pushing the wrong trolley!

I was getting suspicious as well 'cause I wondering where was the bamboo leaves we took earlier.
Mum and Aunt Serene was panicking as they've bought loads of stuffs and it'll take us quite a long time to go back and get it all back.

In my mind, I was trying to figure out how could someone have switched our trolley?
Why do they want ours anyway?

Kinda baffling...
And I only left the trolley once...that's to check out some Dettol on promo =P
Mum and I then went around Jusco supermarket trying to locate our hijacked trolley.
Lo and behold...a super blur auntie took it!
And she was still putting stuffs into it when we approached her to get trolley back.

Luckily, trolley was still in good order but a few things that we took earlier was gone.
Blur auntie must've put it back. seems that she took ours and I took hers! was super funny...and we ended up queuing next to each other at the checkout counter.

And the blurness didn't end there...
We headed for the parking lot to get our car and as Melaine and I was paying the parking ticket, Mum and Aunt Serene decided to walk first to the car and load our shopping into it.
So nice of them isn't it...
After paying the ticket, Melaine and I was happily walking to the car and to our surprise...our mums were no where in sight!
Were they kidnapped?
Trolley hijacked again?

We turned around and there they were...looking as blur as blur people could look.
They actually thought the car was at the opposite direction -_-
How could we ever let them venture out to a shopping complex on their own again?

Well...we all got home in one piece.
Let's hope they aren't so blur when it comes to making dumplings tomorrow =P

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Missing Eric

My flight was eventful.
But I'm not going to talk about it.
I'm not in the mood as I'm missing Eric really badly now.

I won't be able to hug him to sleep.
Or give him a goodnight kiss.
Or stroke his face while he snores.

I won't be able to have supper with him.
Or feed him vitamins.
Or watch a show together.

I won't be able to take care of him.
When would my tears stop?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Last Minute Again

I'll be sleeping in our bed back in Putra Heights tomorrow.
I'm sad to be leaving Eric here to fend for himself.
Eventhough I've done this more times than I would like, I can't help feeling utterly depressed.
I've already started missing him from a few days back.
Today, the tears have started making their way down my cheeks.
Tomorrow...I just wish it won't come.

I know I've said it many many times because I've left Eric here many times as well.
It's bittersweet.
On one hand I'm happy to be back in KL and meet up with my friends and family.
I miss them.
I miss my bed and pillows.
And the yummy yummy food back home.
But all that combined, doesn't even come close to how much I miss my darling.

So...instead of wallowing in self pity, I've spent the day cleaning and packing.
I discovered more mold in our bedroom.
My dresser to be exact.
Why did God create mold anyway?
What purpose does it serve besides making my life miserable.
Just like mosquitoes...why create them?
Anyways, I didn't realize we were sleeping with molds till this morning.
And it was all out war between us.

1st, I took everything out and then wipe them clean.
Including the drawers.
If they know molds like humidity (and Macau is one bloody humid country, more so than M'sia), why make furniture from wood?
Won't metal be much much less of a hassle?
So many question and yet no answers.
After wiping everything, including my moisturizer and perfume bottles, I wipe them all again with diluted Dettol.
I feel much better knowing Dettol is helping me kill the bloody mold.
Then I took the drawers out to the balcony and let them have a sunbath.
For many many hours.
Until the sun starts to set.
And then...I use undiluted Dettol and attacked areas which I think mold loves (in my opinion).
Meaning everywhere I've seen the mold earlier lar.

After I'm satisfied that no mold is in sight, everything when back to where they belong.
But the war ain't over yet.

I decided to go out and buy more dehumidifier.
This time, I bought some moth balls as well 'cause I've spotted some little insects jumping around in the drawers.
I seriously wish there's no such things as mold and these stupid jumping insects.
So much time wasted on cleaning and more money spent on the Mold War =(

Maybe I've this sign on my head saying "Weirdo Friendly".
'Cause when I was out buying war supplies, I attracted another weirdo.
It's always guys.
And they're always weird.
So I was on my merry way walking towards the shop, suddenly this middle age guy started to walk next to me.
Okay, that's nothing to be alarmed of 'cause the walkway in Macau is quite narrow so it's quite common for people to trespass into personal space.

I continued walking...and he kept up with me.
Then he started to talk to me -_-
I hate that.
It freaks me out.
I tried to ignore him and act as if I didn't hear him.
Then he got closer and spoke louder =S
Then I heard him say "You don't recognize me is it?"
Over and over...
I turned and stared cock at him, turned back and continued walking.
Thank goodness he didn't go all crazy on me and left.

When I'm out alone on the streets, I have this "I'm a bitch, don't mess with me" look to discourage weirdos.
But it seemed to have backfired on me.
I think I'm a weirdo magnet here =(
And there's apparently no shortage on supply.

Okay, maybe I'm being too sensitive, but a gal can't be too careful out alone.
I'm sorry if you're someone who reads my blog and decided to say "hi".
If that's the case, I'll be happy to have a chat.
Just identofy yourself and I'll be okay.
But please....PLEASE....I beg you...don't freak me out by doing crazy stuffs.
Not that I'm famous enough for people to recognize me on the streets lar.
I'm not even sure how many people from Macau reads my blog and then coincidentally bump into me in the streets.
Granted, Macau is not that big...but still...I don't leave the apartment that often.

I'm rambling on and on...while I still have some cleaning left to do.
The reason I'm even blogging, is to note what I had for dinner.
Which I won't be having again for a long long time (never again if I have any choice in the matter).

That's my dinner. An apple, 2 tomatoes (leftover from sandwich supper) and a few peaches.
I have not gone nuts,(or maybe I did) to have only these for dinner.
Apple is fine with me.
Not a big fan of the peaches but they're tolerable.
The tomatoes on the other a first.
So I came up with a plan...I'll have to eat the tomatoes first, then the peaches and finally the apple.
That's 'cause the tomatoes are a little sourish, the peaches ain't that sweet and to end on a happy note, the apple.
Why all the reds?
Well...that's the leftover food(which will rot) that's in the fridge.
If I don't eat them or do something with them, they might still be greeting me the next time I'm back here.
And they won't be red anymore.
Sad...but true.
Previously....the victim was an egg.
I picked up this air freshener as well as they were just next to the dehumidifier and moth balls.
It's quite cheap as well at MOP10 for 4.
I bought it for fun...'cause I've never seen such air fresheners before.
They come in cans =)
And you pop it open like a can of Coke =P

On the left corner, you can see where the tab bruised it.
The texture is like jelly and it smells pretty good.
I've been sniffing so many moth balls and air freshener while in the shop choosing, and it made me kinda woozy.
I'm still feeling woozy now =S

Well...that's it.
Next post will be from KL.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Last night I was waiting for Eric to come home with some supper but he surprised me instead by announcing we're going to MGM's Pool Party.

I wasn't expecting to go as he'll be super tired after work and he's going to work today as well.
So I dressed up and put on some makeup.
I haven't been t o a pool party before so I've got no idea what's the dress code.

The place was packed.
With people in long flowing evening dresses and suits.
My oh was a sight alright.
Not in a good way.

Anyways, we didn't stay long though.
At least Samuele, Elie and Mattia seemed to be having a good time dancing and drinking ;P
Eric and I left about 2am and went looking for food.
And ended up in Red 8 in Wynn.

I was feeling kinda sleepy after a bowl of noodles and thought we'll be heading home.
Instead we headed to the Blackjacks table!
There were 3 people on that table when we joined them.
The guy sitting next to Eric had heaps of $500 chips and was playing $1000 each round.
We played $100 each =P

After a few rounds of games, Eric got an Ace for his 1st card.
As everyone knows, Ace is needed for a Blackjack to happen.
So obviously we're excited.
Then the dealer gave Eric his 2nd card.
I was praying for a 10, J, Q or K....
and we got another Ace! Eric split the Aces.
Meaning Eric is now playing 2 hands with an Ace each.
Obviously he has to put up another $100 for the 2nd Ace.
Now we have two chances of getting was getting super exciting.

Now I was really really praying hard for a Blackjack for both the Aces.
The dealer reach over and gave Eric his 3rd card.
Another Ace appeared!!!
Again he has 2 Aces for 1 hand...just like before.
He decides to split the Aces again.
Now...he is playing 3 hands...each with an Ace.
It was getting ridiculous in my opinion.
The dealer then draw a card for the 2nd Ace that was split earlier.
And can you believe it....another Ace O_O

The guy next to Eric was shaking his head.
It was freaking unbelievable.
It's hard to draw 1 Ace as it is...and Eric got 4 Aces.
And he split it again -_-'s single handedly playing 4 hands of cards.
Each with and Ace and a wager of $100.

If each of the Aces ends up as a Blackjack...he would have won $600
(Blackjack pays 1.5 times)

So the game was heating up and I was super excited...
The dealer draws the card...and boom...all 4 aces let us down =(
Not even ONE freaking Blackjacks!!!
How can that be??

But in the end...we did make a little profit and headed back home.
Crazy Ace night I tell you =P

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sandwich for Supper

After an eventful day out buying groceries and meeting a weirdo yesterday, the night ended with a nice supper with Eric while we watched the season 5 finale of Hell's Kitchen.

I expected Danny to win as he seemed to have better control of the kitchen than Paula.
How I wish Eric could join Hell's Kitchen...that would be super exciting.
And I'm sure he'll win it too!

Maybe I should write a mail to Gordon Ramsay and suggest to him to bring Hell's Kitchen to Asia =P

Ingredients for our sandwich. A loaf of bread, tomatoes, cheese and a can of tuna.

Eric loves spicy food so I got the Hot Tuna Mayonnaise.

This is the first time I noticed that cheeses came in Smoked flavour. Haven't been buying cheese for some time and I was shocked to see so many different flavours available.

Cucumbers and tomatoes all sliced ME!

The tuna looks yummy doesn't it? The colour is a little red 'cause of the chili but it's just a bit spicy. Eric wanted to add some "cili padi" into it...luckily I managed to talked him out of being crazy. Tuna and cili padi in a sandwich with cheese...he can be a little nutty sometimes. Yup...more nutty than me.

First sandwich we made. A layer of cucumbers, 2 big slices of tomatoes and a piece of cheese.

Then slap on a thick layer of tuna.

Then fold the bread in half. Well..we put too much of everything onto the little piece of bread and it's spilling over the sides.

Looks yucky but still yummy =P

We got a little smarter on the next sandwich by leaving a little gap where the sandwich is to be folded.

And the tuna is placed in the middle so it won't be spilling over the sides.

Ta-da! Nice looking sandwich by the Chef =)

I don't know how I'm supposed to be losing weight when we keep having supper every night.
But supper is the only meal I get to have with Eric =(

I do enjoy our late night supper and watching shows together.
Since we have so little time to spend with each other everyday, multitasking and doing several things at one time is a must.
Like...I'll prepare stuffs (eg. cook instant noodles) while he takes a shower.
Or he plays with PSP while I feed him vitamins.
And he snoring away while I tell him about my day...

Yup...time is precious when one of us works such long hours.
Even if he could only spend a few hours a day with me doing boring stuffs like eating supper and watching Gordon Ramsay, I look forward to these few hours everyday.

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Walk Back Home

Today I got up early...which was about 10am.
We ran out of gas a couple of days back and we only got one delivered this morning.

No gas = No cooking(okay, we actually have a halogen stove that uses electric but it takes forever to cook on it. Not that I cook anyway...but still)

No gas = No hot water. For us to shower.

This apartment is so old, the water heater needs gas and battery to produce any hot water.
I shall dedicate a blog post to our water heater one day.
Some people would certainly get shocked at the sight of it.
I know I was when I first came to live here.
Everyone else that have seen it...lets just say their jaws dropped and eye popped.'s that crazy.

See...I got sidetracked again...back to what I was saying.
I woke up at 10am, but Eric was the one who had to go downstairs to let the delivery guy up.
I wasn't decently dressed to be running up and down 4 flights of stairs =P
Another long story about the door on the ground floor.
Maybe it deserves a blog post by itself as well.

Anyways...after the gas got delivered, it was time for Eric to get ready for work.
He left before 11am but I stayed in bed playing games on my E71.
Got addicted and lost tracked of time there.
So I officially got up from bed at 12.30noon.

Quickly put in a load of laundry as the laundry basket was full.
Doing laundry is an adventure by itself.
Another long story lar.

Then I heated up leftover spaghetti for lunch which Eric and I cooked for supper at 1am early this morning.
Ate the some shows online.
Called the health insurance company.
Then I got ready to go out.
It was freaking sunny outside.
But I had to get my ass to the hospital.

Nope...I'm not sick.
I had to get some of the insurance claim stuffs sorted out.
Got to the hospital about 5pm.
I took the cab as it was too hot to walk. And I was bloody lazy.
My lady doc is really nice.
We chatted a little as I'm her last patient for the day.
She asked whether I'm still
How cute...she thought I'm only 22 years old =D
And Eric is my boyfriend =P

I then found out that doc visited Malaysia before.
I was kinda happy that people actually wants to visit Malaysia Truly Asia =P
Until she told me the tour took her to the butterfly park.
And then to the bird park O_O
She was bored to death.
I honestly told her that I myself would never voluntarily visit those places in KL. much for promoting my country.
There's so much to do in KL and it boggles the mind that tourist gets the wrong impression of Malaysia.
Anyways...I got the insurance sorted out and left the hospital about 6pm.

And I decided to walk home.
Enjoy the fresh air.
Get some much needed exercise.

My first stop was at Watson's.
Then to the opposite shop to get a new shower curtain and dehumidifier.
Hate those molds.

Umfortunately, I bumped into a weirdo.
I was just making my way home carrying all my stuffs when this guy stopped me to ask for directions.
He was asking where a certain street is and seriously, I've got no idea.
Street names here are in Portuguese.
Which is bad enough.
And the people here actually convert those street names to Cantonese =S
Very very bad.

So I just told him what I know.
And pointed towards Horta e Costa (Ko Si Tak in Cantonese)
Which is the main road in the area where I live.
He figured out I wasn't local and wanna chat some more but I just wanna get rid of the weirdo.
I continued on my way but he caught up with me again -_-
This time, he wanted to give me his number on a piece of paper O_O
I can't really understand what he was saying (my Cantonese is such a joke)
Told him I'm sorry but I can't help him and quickly walked into a shop as I don't feel safe walking on the street with weirdo around.
What if he follows me home right?
Kinda scary when I think about it now.

Man, this is becoming such a long post.
Anyways, after I'm sure weirdo was not waiting for me, I continued on my journey home.
Stopped at the bakery to get my dinner and a loaf of bread.
'Cause Eric wants sandwiches for supper tonight.
Next, I went to the mini market to get tomatoes, cucumber, cheese and a can of tuna.
Our homemade sandwich should be interesting as I got the Hot Tuna Mayo =P

Let's just say it took me longer to get up to our apartment today.
The stairs was a killer carrying all the stuffs I bought.

I've taken in our laundry for the day.
Changed the shower curtain.
Placed all the dehumidifier where it's needed.
And here I am blogging about my day.

Shall jump into the shower now and wait for Eric to get home from work =)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guppy said farewell

Sadly, I wish to inform a guppy has swam it's last lap around the small bowl.
Thankfully it wasn't the baby guppy that was born in our house.
It was the so-called 'pregnant' one that we recently bought.

When I told Eric that it died, his reaction was more of excitement than sadness...

Me : One guppy died
Eric : Which one? The baby ar?
Me : The big pregnant one lar...
Eric : *excitedly* Did you squeeze it to see got babies or not?
Me : -_- No...
Eric : Where's the guppy??
Me : Mum flushed it down the toilet =P

Please was already floating upside down when we realized it dead.
Takkan want to keep the dead guppy for so many hours until he comes back to check for babies.
The way I see it, if there were any babies, it would've been dead as well.
Oh we'll never know, would we?

The guppies left in the bowl.
The white tail guppy on the right is our baby guppy who has grown up.
It doesn't have any colour on it's tail.
Just a little red mark on it's body.
See how small it is compared to the big guppy we bought.

Another look at baby guppy. We've no idea if it's a male or female.

The guppies have this freaky habit of staring at the camera when I try to take their pics.
All the pictures I took (which was about 20) have at least 1 guppy staring at me.

Well...they sure ain't camera shy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What the hell's going on... door O_O

Right now, I can still hear people screaming at each other.
Doors banging...some shoving.

I can't see what's going on 'cause we keep our door close all the time and this ruckus is going on right outside our door.

I can't bloody hear what they are screaming about as well...what a letdown.
Yes, I know I'm a busybody.
Nothing else better to do here anyway.

From what I've gathered over the time I'm here, the apartment opposite housed a Portuguese family.
I barely see them and definitely do not know how they look like.
Yeah...I'm not friendly with my neighbours.
Let's put it this way, people here are not very friendly.
Sometimes, they even scare me.

People here do not speak in a moderate tone of voice.
It's always loud on the brink of shouting.
I even think they sound extremely rude.
I've learnt to ignore them most of them time.
Maybe it's the norm for them...but it just feels like they need to be less rude.

What irritates me the most is how people feels like I want to hear about their opinions/problems/complaints/erectile dysfunction and etc.
These are strangers mine you.
And they just start to complaint about every fucking thing when you stand next to them waiting for the pedestrian traffic light to turn green.
Or how the cab driver would swear at some other motorist and won't stop telling you how he's an angel on the fucking road.
I've seen strangers suddenly became the best of friends while complaining about the weather.

Coming to Macau, one could very easily suffer a culture shock.
And this is coming from me.
Whose grandparents came from China. feels so weird to be a Chinese and yet I can't identify with the culture of spitting, shouting and rudeness that is a way of life here.
At least there's less spitting in Macau than in China.
It's still gross.

Oh...and the rudeness does not end on the streets.
People working in casinos are seriously lacked of customer service.
I'm serious.
I've never met a smiling dealer.
You'll be lucky not to get a scowling one.
Sometimes, I lose the mood to gamble the moment I see their sour faces.
It's not uncommon to find a dealer yawning.
And the drinks aunties in Grand Lisboa are just freaking rude sometimes.
There was once I wanted a bottle of water, she told me to go get it myself.
And there was once in MGM, I told the drinks gal that I wanted a bottle of juice and after 90 minutes, I left the table without a drop of juice.

Macau, where it's economy rely so much on tourism and gambling, they sorely lack courtesy and customer service.

Hmm...I wonder why it's gone silent next door...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day again today.
After so many years of buying this present and that present, I've finally ran out of ideas of what to get Mum.
And Eric is having a super busy day today in the hotel so we can't celebrate.
I wanted to have have dinner at his restaurant tonight but unfortunately, it's fully booked.
Even the super expensive brunch is fully booked.
Credit crunch? Bad economy?
Yeah right -_-

Mum then decided she wanted to go to Hac-Sa beach today.
So, I got up earlier than usual and we head out to Hac-Sa.
We had to take 2 different buses to get there.

1st, we took a bus from our apartment to the bus stop at Lisboa Hotel.

Then we had to switch to a different bus that heads towards Hac-Sa.
We waited less than a minute and the 21A bus to Hac-Sa arrived.
We happily hopped on.
To get to Hac-Sa, we had to pass by Taipa island.
So we got to see the airport, the stadium and then Venetian.
As we were approaching the Jockey Club, our bus started to slow down.
Everyone was looking around, wondering what's up.
The bus finally came to a stop...

We had a flat tire -_-
The driver asked us to get down from the bus to wait for help. was freaking sunny and hot.
No one in their right mind would wait under the sun.
So we all ended up waiting in the disabled bus to be rescued.
Not like we're stranded in the middle of the jungle or something.
We were actually just by the main road.
Luckily, another bus came by a few minutes later and again we were on our way to Hac-Sa.
So much drama even before we set foot on the beach.

As I've mentioned before, Hac-Sa means Black Sand.
And to those who has been asking whether the sand is really black...well...see for yourself.
Seriously, why would anyone call it Black Sand Beach if the sand is not freaking black?
Geez -_-

Black Sand is everywhere near the water. Mum was pretty astonished to see so much black sand on the beach.

Only in Asian countries you'll find people dressed in long sleeved shirt with long pants and sports shoes on the beach.
At the same time, they are also hiding under an umbrella.
If they're so scared of the sun, it makes you wonder what are they doing on the beach in the 1st place.
I was in my shorts and sleeveless tank top and it was still too hot.

I was only under the sun for a little while to snap pics and my slippers left marks on my feet already.

Behold...the black sand of Hac-Sa Beach =D

Can you believe they have a lifeguard on duty on a public beach? It's no Baywatch but still...I'm impressed. In Malaysia, I haven't seen a lifeguard in any of our beaches before.

After hanging out at the beach while waiting for Fernando's to open at 12noon, we headed to lunch.
Fernando's was packed as usual.
Luckily we got a table and ordered the salad and grilled chicken.
And it was too much for both of us.
Maybe it's the heat...but I can't seem to eat much these days.
Which is a good thing I supposed since I need to lose those pounds I put on during winter.

We were stuffed from lunch, so we took a walk on the beach.
Just so I won't throw up in the bus 'cause the road on Coloane is pretty winding.

And Mum asked, "So, does this mean that the sand in the Red Sea is red?"'s called Red Sea...not Red Sand isn't it?

Happy Mother's Day =D
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