Sunday, May 24, 2009

So Blur

Went to 1 Utama yesterday with Mum, Aunt Serene and Melaine.
We were supposed to be getting a present for my cousin who is celebrating his birthday today.

But we ended up buying stuffs for ourselves =P
Stuffed ourselves with a yummy dinner and then shop some more.

As usual, Mum and Aunt Serene gets attracted to supermarkets.
Our shopping trips are never complete unless we make a visit to the supermarket.
So we let them loose in Jusco...and they proceeded to buy stuffs to make Chinese dumplings as the festival is next week.
I was in charged of watching after our trolley which was getting filled up by Mum and Aunt Serene.
Melaine was wandering around herself.
As we were in the eggs section choosing salted eggs, suddenly we realized I was pushing the wrong trolley!

I was getting suspicious as well 'cause I wondering where was the bamboo leaves we took earlier.
Mum and Aunt Serene was panicking as they've bought loads of stuffs and it'll take us quite a long time to go back and get it all back.

In my mind, I was trying to figure out how could someone have switched our trolley?
Why do they want ours anyway?

Kinda baffling...
And I only left the trolley once...that's to check out some Dettol on promo =P
Mum and I then went around Jusco supermarket trying to locate our hijacked trolley.
Lo and behold...a super blur auntie took it!
And she was still putting stuffs into it when we approached her to get trolley back.

Luckily, trolley was still in good order but a few things that we took earlier was gone.
Blur auntie must've put it back. seems that she took ours and I took hers! was super funny...and we ended up queuing next to each other at the checkout counter.

And the blurness didn't end there...
We headed for the parking lot to get our car and as Melaine and I was paying the parking ticket, Mum and Aunt Serene decided to walk first to the car and load our shopping into it.
So nice of them isn't it...
After paying the ticket, Melaine and I was happily walking to the car and to our surprise...our mums were no where in sight!
Were they kidnapped?
Trolley hijacked again?

We turned around and there they were...looking as blur as blur people could look.
They actually thought the car was at the opposite direction -_-
How could we ever let them venture out to a shopping complex on their own again?

Well...we all got home in one piece.
Let's hope they aren't so blur when it comes to making dumplings tomorrow =P


SGRMSE. said...

LOL. Old folks are so endearing (:

Tracy said...

Most of the time...when they don't nag at us =P

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