Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sandwich for Supper

After an eventful day out buying groceries and meeting a weirdo yesterday, the night ended with a nice supper with Eric while we watched the season 5 finale of Hell's Kitchen.

I expected Danny to win as he seemed to have better control of the kitchen than Paula.
How I wish Eric could join Hell's Kitchen...that would be super exciting.
And I'm sure he'll win it too!

Maybe I should write a mail to Gordon Ramsay and suggest to him to bring Hell's Kitchen to Asia =P

Ingredients for our sandwich. A loaf of bread, tomatoes, cheese and a can of tuna.

Eric loves spicy food so I got the Hot Tuna Mayonnaise.

This is the first time I noticed that cheeses came in Smoked flavour. Haven't been buying cheese for some time and I was shocked to see so many different flavours available.

Cucumbers and tomatoes all sliced ME!

The tuna looks yummy doesn't it? The colour is a little red 'cause of the chili but it's just a bit spicy. Eric wanted to add some "cili padi" into it...luckily I managed to talked him out of being crazy. Tuna and cili padi in a sandwich with cheese...he can be a little nutty sometimes. Yup...more nutty than me.

First sandwich we made. A layer of cucumbers, 2 big slices of tomatoes and a piece of cheese.

Then slap on a thick layer of tuna.

Then fold the bread in half. Well..we put too much of everything onto the little piece of bread and it's spilling over the sides.

Looks yucky but still yummy =P

We got a little smarter on the next sandwich by leaving a little gap where the sandwich is to be folded.

And the tuna is placed in the middle so it won't be spilling over the sides.

Ta-da! Nice looking sandwich by the Chef =)

I don't know how I'm supposed to be losing weight when we keep having supper every night.
But supper is the only meal I get to have with Eric =(

I do enjoy our late night supper and watching shows together.
Since we have so little time to spend with each other everyday, multitasking and doing several things at one time is a must.
Like...I'll prepare stuffs (eg. cook instant noodles) while he takes a shower.
Or he plays with PSP while I feed him vitamins.
And he snoring away while I tell him about my day...

Yup...time is precious when one of us works such long hours.
Even if he could only spend a few hours a day with me doing boring stuffs like eating supper and watching Gordon Ramsay, I look forward to these few hours everyday.

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