Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Day 1

I survived...just barely.
Which just goes to show I have no stamina whatsoever.

I got up at 5am. after only sleeping for 2 hours.
Couldn't sleep as my normal sleeping hours are from 4am till 1pm =P
Was so gung-ho in the wee hours of the morning.
Changed into my workout attire, packed my bag, went downstairs and had a piece of toast.

Then I woke Mum up as she wanted to go exercise as well.
Dropped Mum off at the MPSJ field and headed off to look for Padang Astaka.
Wasn't too hard to find and I got there before 6.30am.
Got to know a few old and new recruits while waiting.
After today, I'm not sure why there are any old recuits.
Maybe I'll get addicted to all this torturing and come back next month as an old recruit as well?
Yeah, I know...just concentrate on getting through this month first O_o

Warm up itself was more than any kind of exercise I did in the past year.
Then we were paired up and that's when the assessment starts.
Run 400m and then do 10 push-ups on toes, 10 jumping move(I can't remember what's it called) and then 10 sit-ups.
Do the cycle above 3 times.
After I finished my 2nd 400m, I was getting super dizzy and felt like I was going to collaspe and never wake up again.
I also felt like puking.
Lucky I didn't. If not will be damn paiseh.
So I just plop down on the ground exhausted.
That's when my hands and feet started to feel numb.
I had trouble breathing and thank God there was a guy who gave me some of his chilled water.
Tasted like heaven when one feels like they're half way into hell.
Had to force myself from gulping down all his wonderfully chilled water.
It'll be even more paiseh if I finish people's water right?
And right this moment, I can't even recall what he looked like. Geez.

After all that drama, we had to do another 1600meter.
That's 8x200m. Our track was only a 200m circle.
I could only manage to walk out this part of the Bootcamp.
And half way through, I had Suanie(she's an old recruit) striding next to me encouragingly.
We did a walk and jog thingy together.
It's a walk to the next cone, then jog to the next one.
Good stategy, but alas, I couldn't make it.
Told Suanie to go on without me.
Didn't want her to score a bad time because of me dragging her down.
In the end, I only managed 7x200m.
Most of it by walking =P

Obviously, I failed miserably at my assessment.
Didn't even complete the course lar.
Kinda disappointed but it's to be expected.
I'm so out of shape since I've had a pretty good and laid back lifestyle which has nothing to do with any exercising.
Have been told that many recruits will quit after the 1st day.
And later on, there will be drop outs.
I'm hoping to finish the whole bootcamp even if it kills me.
Maybe I'm being a little dramatic.
But it's true that it's not easy. It was freaking hardcore.
No matter how mentally prepared I was for bootcamp, I felt like giving up so many times in that one hour.
The instructors were great though.
Extremely encouraging but still made us do gruelling workouts.
One even stayed next to me for a whole 200m and constantly throwing encourangement my way to keep me going.
I just hope they don't look at my assessment and laugh.
It's pathetic. Even I admit that.

My muscles are starting to hurt.
Mentally, it feels good that I've taken the first step to be healthier.
Physically, I'm half dead. Literally.
Oh...Thursday will be here way too soon.


Baby said...

after reading... i dun think i'll sign up... i rather go for something lighter

Tracy said...

Well...it's a challenge if you're up to it. In the end, it's good for the body =)

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