Thursday, October 8, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Day 2

Survived Day 2 and got interviewed for a Chinese newspaper =)
When I got to Padang Astaka this morning, it was still relatively dark and the moon caught my attention so I had to snap a pic of it.

A heart shaped moon!
Oklar...I know it's just the clouds playing around the moon but it's still cool isn't it?
Makes me feel like love is in the air and it's going to be a great day...

But obviously that feeling didn't last long as we headed to warm up.
I seriously have trouble with my stamina.
Running and jogging is such a pain.
Even during warm up sessions I'm out of breath.

It doesn't help that after being split into groups of Seals(old) and Rangers(new), there's more running O_o
All that running around left me half dead but we had to start on some gruelling exercises.
This time, we had props.
Seals got sand bags and Rangers ended up with a pipe filled with sand (I think. And I don't know what it's called so it'll be known as 'pipe' for now)
So...armed with our props, we did push ups, squats, grunts(this is the jumping thing), sit ups and I'm not sure what else as my mind went blank during the cycle.
I think I did mediocre =(
Shall practise my push ups and sit ups at home so I don't look like such a sissy on the padang next time.

The part I enjoyed most was at the end of Day 2's training. 
We were separated into 3 groups and each group had to spread out forming a big circle.
My group tried to cheat a little by making the circle smaller.
That's because we had to run the perimeter of the human circle and the last group to finish it will have to do 10 grunts!
Unfortunately, our little sneaky plan didn't work...the trainers were not so easily fooled =P

So why did I like the human circle thingy?
Well, first of all, we get to lie on our backs.
It feels so good to be taking a rest though my back and butt was wet after that.
I guess it rained at the field earlier but luckily there wasn't pools of water which would make things kinda splashie and dangerous.

Secondly, we just had to put our hands under our butt and lift our legs up to paddle (like ducks) until we got tagged to run the circle.
It was also great to hear my teammates shouting encouragements to whoever is running (though I'm sure it's also due to the fact we want them to run faster!!! It's tiring paddling for such a long time lar as each team had about 20 recruits)

Thirdly, the sky was beautiful.

My group came in 2nd and we had to do 5 grunts.
That's better than doing 10!

I feel today was a little better than my 1st day (everyone says assessment day is the worst)
Maybe my body knows what to expect and it wasn't in shock anymore.
I'm still aching here and there but it's getting better.

Oh...the interview was fun.
Funny too especially the part where Suanie and I tried to translate English into Mandarin for the reporter =P
So I'll be looking out for the article next week and get someone to read it to me.
They took some pics as maybe my sweaty-after-training face will end up in the papers?
If I do...I hope it's a nice pic of me *cross fingers and pray hard* and not one where I'm running like a duck in the padang =S

That's Day 2 of bootcamp for me and I'm looking forward to Saturday already!


Baby said...

good to hear that you're doing fine..

suanie is a blogger right?

Tracy said...

Yup, Suanie is a blogger =)

kipper said...

wow! u really went! sorry lah have to turn u down. btw, even if muscles weighed more than fats, but muscle density will give ur body the toned non-flabby look. but make sure u're still eating normally and not more. cuz usually u'll tend to eat more when u exercise vigorously. and once the bootcamp is over, if u don't do anything,... it'll turn to fats.

btw, it's a myth that fats turn to muscles...

Tracy said...

Kipper : Yup now a Bootcamper =)
Lol...I'm hoping I can eat more as there's just too many yummy food out there calling my name!

Aiyoh...of course fats doesn't turn into muscle lar. Muscles burn fats =)

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