Saturday, October 10, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Day 3

It's Saturday and it was kinda hard to get up.
No thanx to the tossing and turning I did last night till about 3.30am.
I tried to sleep early and my body is just not cooperating.
Well...I did made it to bootcamp in my zombie mode.

Clear blue's a beautiful Saturday.

The field was wet again today *sigh*
Me don't like wet field.
Different story if it's raining.
I love playing in the rain and apparently if it rains during bootcamp, you don't even need water breaks.
Just stick your tongue out and lick the rain!
Tips from old recruits =P

Before we got anything started, we had to do grunts because some people were late and some AWOL =(
Hate grunts.
Then the platoon was separated into 3 groups according to our fitness level.
Delta, Seals and Rangers.
I'm a other words, we're at the bottom of the shouting chain.

Today's training involved alot of running and getting to know the grass on the padang.
Had sort of a relay kind of exercise and it sucks real bad.
Maybe not as hardcore as Day 1 but definitely still bad lar.

Each team had to form 2 ranks (standing shoulder to shoulder).
Rank 1 will run a few steps and then do a fire movement (drop down flat on the ground) get up and repeat till you reach the last cone then run back to starting line.
While Rank 1 is doing the fire thingy, Rank 2 have to do 5 push ups and then 5 mountain climbers(? not sure if I got this right but it sounded something like that)

And this is also when Rank 2(that's my rank) got punished because of Rank 1.
You see, we gotta run back to starting line...not freaking walk!
That's what this person did and we got punished -_-
Corporal made us do two rounds of fire moves.
So not fair I tell you. They walk then they should get punished.
I was still pissed about it and luckily, water break time =)

Water breaks are really just counted in seconds.
So what you gotta do is just to gulp it down and then back in line.
But noooo...some people thinks they're at home or something.
One lady took her bloody own sweet time to drink and can somemore smile when the rest of the platoon shouted at her to freaking move her ass!
Her ass was unfortunately too slow and everyone had to do grunts again.
H.A.T.E grunts.
Man...kept being punished for someone else's lazy ass.

Round 2 saw the fire movement change into push ups while the push ups and mountain thing was swapped with sit ups and jack knives.
Oooohhhh....and we got punished again.
I was pissed to be doing two rounds again so I asked Corporal why are we being punished?
All because of Rank 1.
Can vomit blood man.
This time I was really really pissed because I did screamed at that lady to move it as she was already given a freaking last warning by Corporal not to fucking walk.

I did consider taking sweet revenge (I know, so not in the spirit of teamwork...but still?)
You walk, I get punished then I walk, you get punished...muahahaha
Smart right?
But I didn't do it lar.
Just in case it backfires and Rank 2 gets punished instead!
I want to make friends at bootcamp, not enemies =D

We went one more round and then cool down time.
Was so tired by then and I was covered in dirty wet grass.
It was kinda hard to get the grass off so I left those bits and pieces alone.
No energy to go pick at them.

After training, hangout with some Bootcamp recruits at the mamak nearby.
It's great getting to know them better and hear stories about how Bootcamp has helped them fitness wise.
This is the 4th month of Bootcamp for many of them.
There's also lots of gossiping, bitching and sharing of gross details (which I shall not elaborate) by Kevin =P

One reason I joined Bootcamp was to make some new friends...and I'm glad I found some after only 1 week.
They're so funny and fun.
To get through Bootcamp, determination itself may not be enough.
Support and motivation from friends will definitely help me to push myself to achieve more.
I made it to the end of week 1.
3 more to go!


Baby said...

sounds like army training

suanie said...

it IS military-inspired training!
tracy's doing great

Tracy said...

Thanks Suanie =D
You all have been very encouraging to the newbies

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