Sunday, October 11, 2009


...on my poor legs

OMFG...So many red spots!!!

Woke up this morning to find these red spots all over my knees and thighs area.
It can't be mosquito bites as they don't itch.
I don't know what happened =(
But I'm suspecting it's the grass from Bootcamp!
I've always had somewhat sensitive skin but it has never crossed my mind that I'm sensitive to freaking grass.
Smeared Dettol cream on the spots but they're still here.
At least they're not multiplying *touch wood*
Hope they go away soon.
Don't want strangers to look at me as if I have some skin disease -_-

And my butt hurts.
Not in a good way.
My body is also starting to ache all over again.
All this pain better be worth it man.

For now...I want the spots to go away.
And if only the bodyache will go with them *sigh*

p.s. Shall go get myself a pair of workout pants that covers my knees


suanie said...

i get that sometimes too. must be the grass. but it's okay, doesn't itch and will live :P

Tracy said...

hmm...maybe I'm not exposed enough to wet grass to get immuned.Thank goodness it doesn't itch but have to live with ugly spotted legs =(

Bevy said...

Heyy =) Suanie linked me to ur blog.. interesting post on BC =P... my butt does hurt once in a while.. so thats normal.. The spotted stuff i guess thats normal as well, coz Joan gets them too at her stomach area..

What Sharon said (shes one of the seniors) your body is detoxifying.. Itll go away soon hehe.. See you tomorrow =)

Tracy said...

Hi Bevy...thanx for dropping by and I'm glad to hear your butt hurts too =) Hate to be the odd one out!

Erm...detoxifying by having spots? Seriously?Guess nothing I could do about them now =(

See you bright and early tomorrow...hooyahhh

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