Monday, October 26, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Trials Week

Trials week just started today and there's two more sessions.
I was happily lazing around watching tv when I received Bev's sms that some of them are going for bootcamp this evening.
And asked me if I wanna go O_O
We have bootcamp tomorrow morning and they wanna go for a session this evening?
Crazy to the max lar.

Yup, I'm crazy too because I actually went!
We only had 2 trainers today, Sarge Sim and Lance Corporal Daniel.
And there were less than 20 recruits.
Many of them seniors who came for the fun of it =P
If we go for all 3 trials days and also keep up with our actual bootcamp training, that will be 6 sessions in a week!!! *faints*

Anyway, the less people in a group, the more attention you get.
So hard to slip in a cheat...the moment you slack a little, you'll have Sarge or Daniel by your side.
But I actually enjoyed today's session.
I found that I could run pretty well in the evening.
No idea what happens to me during morning runs which leaves me breathless with the urge to puke.
As we were doing jack knives towards the end of the session, it started to drizzle a little.
We were hoping for it rain...but it didn't.
Just little drops of water and that's it -_-

As usual, after bootcamp, mamak time.
We're now regulars at Ali Berkat =D

Anyone who is intersted to have a taste of bootcamp, come and join us this week.
Trials week is free and there are two more sessions on Wednesday and Friday at 6.45pm @ Padang Astaka.
Check out for more info.

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