Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Day 4

This is Week 2 of bootcamp.
Let's start off with food =)

Pork noodles for brunch...wish I had a juicy beef burger instead but this will do after today's training.

Before Bootcamp, a few of us were chatting and the topic of food came up.
I told them I can't live without meat.
Hate vegetables.
Sashi then asked me what's my blood group 'cause apparently it affects preference for types of food.
She said type O people needs meat and will grow fat if we ate vege...lol
And all four of us there this morning are O's =P

So I went and google it.
Seems that a guy named Dr. Peter D'Adamo came up with his book called Eat Right 4 Your Type.
Well, I'm not sure how true his theories are as it's kinda hard to prove this sort of thing isn't it?
I'm sure there are monks out there with type O blood.

Anyways, it says that type O are meat eaters as we need a diet high in protein *yippee!!!*
I pity type A though as they're supposed to be vegetarians.
But I guess if you're type A you wouldn't be craving for meat like us type O's =P
Have a look at http://www.drlam.com/blood_type_diet/ as it has a simple list what food each blood type should eat or avoid if they're trying to lose weight.
I guess no harm trying...I can have all the meat I want anyway!

Okay...I got sidetracked again...back to bootcamp...
Believe it or not, I went to sleep BEFORE 12am last night!!!
What an achievement =)
Well...the secret is, wake up at 10am eventhough I slept at 5am in the morning.
Definitely exhausted throughout the day but resist taking naps.
Then when it's about 10pm...will drop dead =D
Bootcamp feels different after so many hours of sleep.
I was hyper when I got to the padang but that feeling soon fade away...

Again, today we did lots of squats, running, jumping, and sit ups.
Surprisingly, not that many push ups.
We also flapped like seals, jump like jacks and frogs, hug like a bear and even did a penguin O_o
Maybe when it rains then we'll swim like dolphins in the mud =D

First half of bootcamp today involved partnering up and going through various exercises with intervals of short sprints and water breaks.
Second half we were given sandbags (quite heavy man) and run with it.
Tempted to fling the sandbag at some annoying people...it was too heavy though.
Didn't have the strength anymore to even walk much less fling it a few feet.
No doubt will get punished as well if I did that.
What kind of stupid excuses can I give for attemping to get someone else to help carry my sandbag on their head? =P

Now that Sargeant Sim knows my name, I keep hearing it on the field.
Kinda stress lar because I know he's watching and I can't cheat =(
Of course cheating it bad but when you're exhausted, the mind tends to get sneaky.

Well...among all the exercises today, I prefer squats and sit ups.
Less tiring and I'm sure those muscles from squats will come in handy when Eric's home ;P

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Baby said...

i don't you need muscles from squats when he's home

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