Sunday, October 11, 2009

Raya Open House

Aunt Helena had her Hari Raya open house last night and as usual, I stuffed myself silly.

Only once a year lar...and now I'm in Bootcamp (need my carbs okay)
Lol...I so don't feel guilty being a glutton =P

Me & Melaine ended up wearing the same t-shirt in different colours =D

Yummilicious nasi briyani with beef rendang, ayam masak merah and chicken rendang. I can eat just the rice by itself, yes, it's that good!

Next up...warm, soft and fragrant lemang all the way from Melawati. It was freshly taken out of the bamboo it was cooked in which makes it more yummy.

Lookie what we have of my fav...smells so good there's no way I could resist it *drool*

Ribs...oh yummy ribs. Since I was already full from all the rice, lemang and rendang, gnawing and licking at the ribs is good enough for me =P

I was so sleepy after eating so much, I almost fell asleep among the gossips.
And we only got home close to midnight O_o
Ahhhh...but no regrets, food is my reward for completing week 1 of Bootcamp!

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