Monday, October 19, 2009

A Birthday and A Full Moon

Happy 50th Birthday to Aunt Serene!!!

Melaine did a great job in organizing the party at Unique Seafood Restaurant in PJ last night.
It was nice to have a private room so we could make all the noise we want and it comes with karaoke =P
With many of the older generation are in their 50's and a few hitting 50 soon, requests were made for super old songs.
Theresa Teng's songs were sang twice =)

The birthday cake with 5 fat candles. Told Melaine she should have brought 50 small ones instead ;P

First course was Australian lobster with prawns cooked in a tasty broth on the table. This is my fav dish of the night. Wish there was more of the lobster to go around as I had just 2 small pieces...I want more!!! Preferably, one whole lobster to myself =P

Then came the giant bamboo clam. It's huge O_O Eventhough it's so big, it's not hard nor chewy. Surprisingly tender and I love it as it came drenched in garlic =)

Next was braised sea cucumbers with prawns, scallops and broccoli. I think it's kinda ridiculous that the sea cucumbers were served whole. After we all had a good long look at the cucumber, it was then snipped with scissors into bite size. I bet it was a pretty uncomfortable sight for the guys ;P

We had more courses but by then I was too busy with the karaoke and didn't snap anymore pics of food.
If I remember correctly, there were fish, chicken, crabs, noodles with lobster and some yummy dessert.
By the end of the night, the adults were obviously tired of listening to us kids (yes, I'm still one!) singing our hearts out, admittedly sometimes out of tune.
But that's the fun of karaoke isn't it?
To sing out of tune and not get laugh at because everyone else ain't much better!
I hope Aunt Serene had a blast at her birthday because I did =)

On Saturday, I dressed up, put on some makeup and sprayed on my fav perfume to go meet a cute little guy.

Baby Braxton is a full one month old and as cute as ever.

He has grown quite abit since I last saw him 3 weeks ago.
Braxton slept through most of his party and only got up to drink milk for a while.
I didn't even get to play with him as he had so many admires that night =(

Customary red eggs. I know they don't look red in the pic but they are red. Trust me. You know what they say about eating baby's fullmoon red I ate two =D

Lots of balloons for the party...

Braxton is so going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up...can't wait for him to grow bigger and start calling me "che che" while flashing those cute little dimples of his =)

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