Thursday, October 22, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Day 8

Remember how I was half dead on Day 1?'s training left me right on heaven's (maybe hell's, can't tell the difference anymore in bootcamp) door.
When I got to the field this morning after only 3 hours of sleep (yeah...again), saw team Alpha (5.45am session) just getting off and no one was smiling.
Usually they're kinda all pumped up with lots of "Hi" and "Bye", but today, they looked totally out of it.
And then we found out why...
Everyone had a backpack strapped on =(

The backpacks were 6,8 and 12kgs I've been told.
Rangers gets 6kgs while the rest goes to Seals and Deltas.
6 kgs is heavy alright, I can't imagine how Deltas survived today's training.

It's nuts. It's hardcore. It almost made me cry.
Doesn't help that we have to put our water bottles in our backpacks.
That's adding another 1 kg damn it.
Then we had to walk, jog and sprint all around the field.
Yes, with the backpack on all the time.
Even did squat jumps and push ups with it.
I almost gave up.
It totally pushed me further (almost over the edge) than I expected Bootcamp to.
So far, this is the hardest Bootcamp training day ever for me.
Now I can say I survived, literally.

We didn't have any water breaks (our water bottles were in the backpacks lar) and that drove me nuts.
All I could think of was "I need water...I need water...I fucking need water!!!" I asked Corporal Jon if I could have some water while my rank was doing push ups.
Maybe I looked pale or was about to pass out...and he said okay...even helped me to get my bottle from my backpack =P
So sweet of him *hugs*
That totally saved me from dropping dead right next to my teammates.

I don't remember how many rounds did we circle the field.
Maybe 3 or 4 times I reckon.
And the field is freaking huge.
I'm so glad that is over...never ever want to see that backpack again!

After all that, we still had to do a plank (I think that's what it's called).
We had to get down on the ground then support our body on toes and forearms.
For 2 freaking minutes.
The idea is to make our body resemble a plank.
Which is straight lar from head to legs.
But it's so hard to do...I had my butt sticking up most of the
It's kinda a little cheat but soon Corporals came around and push my butt back down =(
Those who fall on their knees and stomach had to do grunts.
And nobody likes grunts.
If you do, something is very very very wrong with you!

I still can't believe I did it.
Seemed so impossible and yet I proved that it is possible.
Even for someone like me.

Maybe...this is not my limit.
Maybe...I could be better.
Maybe...chasing a rainbow is not impossible too =P


suanie said...

omg we are still alive

Tracy said...

unbelievable...we DO have the will of steel =P

NickieChan said...

YES YOU DO...damn proud of you gals stuck in there and finished strong!

Jon was nice to hand you your water

Tracy said...

Thanks Nick...your encouragement helped alot when the tough gets going =)

Yup...Corporal Jon was super nice =)

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