Thursday, October 15, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Day 5

Didn't feel like waking up for Bootcamp today as I my menstrual cycle decided to kick into gear right before bed time =(
Feeling tired and lethargic.
But I did make myself go...decided to not push myself too hard in case I really do drop dead in the middle of the field.
Turns out that many other woman recruits are having their menstrual as well this week so it was a lively topic right before warm up =)
I think we grossed out some of the guys with all the bloody talk so early in the morning!

Today we did alot of strength and agility exercises.
Not much cardio and some of the seniors found the lack of intensity unsatisfying so they went running after bootcamp O_o
Lots of push ups today which I still suck at.
Never knew there were so many kinds of push ups actually.
Diamond, wide, shoulder and military which is the most common one.

We also had to run like monkeys and bears.
I'm sure we all looked kinda rediculous running around like our wild furry friends.
At one point, we even had to crawl on our knees and elbows.
And that will bring us to the picture of the day....

My poor knees protested with some angry red and painful bumps. Got myself lots of small little scratches and cuts too =(

As the intensity wasn't high at today's training, I find it just right for me.
A little hard so I need to push myself but not too hard till I feel as if I'm literally dying.
In my opinion, it's good to have some really hardcore days and some slow days.
I'm just glad today I didn't have to run much =)
Best part was when we got to lie on our backs...looking at clouds while doing sit ups and legs lifts.

After all that hard work, I better end up with a flat tummy, tight butt and some really sexy legs!

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