Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just a Wednesday

My day didn't start out good.
I was asleep by 12am again but I woke up a few hours later.
Had trouble going back to sleep so I ended up watching tv.
Finally went off to la-la land again about 4ish.
Only to be woken up by a nightmare not long after.

I don't dream often (tho I might not realized it happened) so the nightmare seemed very real.
It was very disturbing and I had tears in my eyes when I woke up.
I dreamt that Eric fell in love with another girl (while still married to me lar).
And she sells "chap fan"(economy mixed rice) in a coffeeshop somewhere.
What shocked me the most was that she's a typical ah lian.
OMG...he fell in love with an ah lian!!!
How can I lose to that? O_O
And they were conversing in mandarin (that should've been a clue that this was a dream as Eric's mandarin

Maybe he likes a woman who can cook? (I assumed she cooked the dishes for the chap fan okay)
I don't remember what dishes were available (no time to notice unnecessary details) but she wasn't close to being as pretty or hot as me (yes, I can be very vain) =P
Caught him red handed at the chap fan stall...being lovey dovey and all.
And happily eating her chap fan smiling like an idiot.
I woke up right after that scene.
It was too much...the heartache and betrayal felt so real till I cried.
Maybe it's a sign from above that I should really really start learning how to cook -_-

I smsed Eric and told him bout my nightmare 'cause it kinda freaked me out.

Me : Darling, I had a nightmare. Dreamt u fell in luv wit a gal that sells chap fan.
Eric : funny,a gal that sells chap fan.Next time dream lar models or something.

Such nice comforting words from my wonderful hubby -_-

Anyways, headed off to Subang Parade in the afternoon to continue my search of the elusive pants for Bootcamp.
Couldn't find any that I like.
Ended up getting a pair of fake eyelashes and the Tarot card kit =)
Hopefully I'll be able to learn how to read the Tarot cards.
It looks easy and hard at the same time.
I'm a little confused now.
So maybe all I need is more practise.

Had half boiled eegs for dinner. High in protein which is just what blood type O people needs =)

Yesterday, caught up with a friend I knew since primary school.
It has always been so easy chatting with him eventhough we don't see each other often.
We just kinda pick up where we left off.
He just got out from a long distance relationship as the time apart was causing lots of stress for both of them.
I know what that feels like.
Two people far apart trying to build a future together.
It's hard and it's tiring.
It takes a lot of sacrifices.

Talking to him, I feel a lot better about myself.
The decisions I had to make, he understands.
Ever since I decided to quit  my job, I had to deal with alot of hurtful comments and unsolicitated opinions.
I've learnt to ignore them but it still gets to me once in a while.
This friend of mine, he really understands.
We see things the same way.
He agrees that it's the right thing to do.
It feels so good to have reassurance (besides Eric's because he's always on my side no matter what)
He even said that he wants to look for a gal like me to be his girlfriend =)
That's a very sweet compliment isn't it? *blush*

Hmm...maybe he doesn't know what an emo creature I am when he said that....*shhhhh* ignorance is bliss =P


Baby said...

Some people said that if you tell somebody about your dream or nightmare, it won't come true. But I'm not sure how to is it because I sometimes have Dejavu.

You should be confident with yourself and him. I guess you just missed him too much. That's all.

Try the Curve or 1U. I don't think Subang Parade will have what you want.

I remember I had a dream of a funeral. And it came out almost exactly as my grandpo's funeral. I didn't realise until after it.

Tracy said...

I experience dejavu all the time, hopefully it doesn't happen for this dream!

Maybe I should dream about winning the lottery tonight eh =P

Baby said...

any luck with the tarot cards?

Tracy said...

Well...I'm still learning =)

rebecca yeo said...

I know this is so....November but erm...hey, we're on the same boat~ It's never easy but doesn't make our love even more precious and sweet to us?

Tracy said...

Rebecca : Sorry to hear you're in the same rocky boat.

Precious and sweet when you think of the lovely little moments you have together and then heartache and loneliness for all the time apart.

I'm still trying very hard to find an equilibrium...

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