Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Day 10

And it's unofficially known as Hell's Week instead of Trials Week =P

Slept only four hours last night...at least it's better than 2 hours.
Woke feeling a little sore here and there, must've pushed myself more than I expected yesterday.
Still...I ended up going for bootcamp this morning.
Don't know how I survived it.
Doing 2 sessions in a 12 hours period is crazy.
Bev, Kevin, Kenny, Suanie, Megaa and I...the gungho recruits who're going all out to survive Hell's Week.
Lol...I might just chicken out tomorrow's evening session =P

Today's bootcamp started out with a relay.
Again being in 2 ranks for the workouts.
Rank 1 had to run, do two push ups, run back and repeat.
Rank 2 did planks while waiting for Rank 1 to finish.
Push ups and planks was substituted with thrust and jack knife holds after that.
I gotta work harder on my plank hold...super hard man and my butt was still sticking up.

Then we moved on to stations workouts.
And I'm going to bitch.
So not in the spirit of bootcampness but what happened drove me nuts!

I was so unfortunate to have this lady next to me.
Damn it la...it pissed me off real bad.
Not that I don't appreciate people cheering me on to push harder, I totally love it when my teammates shouts encouragement.
It spurs me on to finish something I thought I can't achieve.

This person irritated me to no end.
The only reason I was sprinting fast from the last station to the first was to bloody get away from her yapping away.
Please lar...there were only 6 stations okay...star jumps, seal jumps, thrust, another jumping thingy, mountain climbers and grunts.
So hard to remember is it?
Fuck man..everytime we changed station, she gotta ask what are we supposed to do.
Hello?? Open your eyes and watch what the team next to us are doing lar.
She asked me so many times and I got so fedup...eventually I just ignored her.

Not too mention she was super annoying...we were supposed to run to the next station but I was super tired already so I brisk walk.
She then went "Raise your arms up and act like you're running"
Walaueh...you think the trainers are blind that they're looking at your hands instead of your legs to see if you're running?
Wanna cheat also cheat smarter lar.
And she kept saying the same thing to me over and over again. Wtf?
Wanted to tell her to shut the fuck up but I was running out of breath.
And then...as I was walking to the next station, she even grab my arm and said "Come on...faster!"
Excuse me...you've already pissed me off real bad and the last thing I want is any physical contact.
And it's rude to pull someone.
If you see me sporting a pissed off face instead of a grateful one...leave me alone.

You do your stuffs and I do mine.

If anyone saw my pissed off face and I totally didn't smile or make eye contact, I'm very sorry.
At that moment, it took all my strength to refrain from kicking the idiot.
Okay...I've finished being a bitch.

On a more serious note, found out at mamak after bootcamp that my new bootcamp friend has a muscle disorder, Muscular dystrophy.
He's young, he's energetic, obviously an over achiever and he's super nice.
You'll never guess he's harboring such a painful disease.
And yet, he's going about life with so must gusto...even doing gruelling bootcamp when it's obviously hurting him.
It's just going to get harder for him with time.
Unfortunately, at this moment, there's no cure for this desease.
No way to slow it down.
I hope God will help make the journey less painful for him and his family.
Stay strong my friend. 

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