Thursday, October 29, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Trials Week cont.

The bunch of us made it through the 3rd day of Hell Week.
Three more days to go.

It was raining the whole day so we were hoping to train under the rain.
Was still drizzling when I left the house...but it cleared up when I reached the field -_-
Rotten luck.

Turn out for bootcamp was pretty good today.
A total of 28 recruits, half were seniors =P
The field was super wet with puddles of water everywhere.
I tried to avoid the mud and water as much I could but it was a lost cause lar.
At the end training, I was soaked from head to toe, panties included.

Did alot of sprinting and jumping around.
Followed by lots of abs exercise with complimentary sound effects coming from Bev.
Her gruntings and moanings probably scared the new recruits. Squirrels too =P sounded nothing like sex okay...more like someone being skinned alive!

Went to mamak after bootcamp as usual.
Was super hungry so I had 2 half boiled eggs, maggi goreng and a can of 100 Plus.
And wanted more food!
I couldn't stay long to chat with the gals today as Mum was waiting for me to pick her up from University Hospital which was just down the road.
I dropped her off before bootcamp so she could visit a family friend who just had stem cell transplant to treat leukemia.
Sadly, according to Mum, he's not doing too well =(
Hopefully, he'll be able to pull through soon as he's been in the hospital for a year already.
Makes me feel sad to see how this is affecting Mum.
He's one of her oldest and dearest friend.

As Mum didn't have dinner while at the hospital, took her for bak kut teh.
I ate a little lar...cannot resist bak kut teh =P

I'm so excited...Eric will be back in a couple of days and I have so many things I need to do.
Have to clean my room, change the bedsheets...make myself pretty =P

Now...the countdown begins to Eric's arrival and then to bootcamp graduation!


Baby said...

graduation soon and can't wait to see him mood, right?

i wonder when will you be free? i want to try the tarot cards

Tracy said...

I will have more time after Eric goes back to Macau and depending on whether I continue bootcamp.

You can always go get a set of Tarot cards and try it out yourself =)

Baby said...

how much is a set of the cards?

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