Monday, October 26, 2009

Food, Friends & Hooyah

On Saturday, I had my first bootcampers party.
It was at Robson Heights Condo right opposite Thean Hou Temple in Seputeh.
To make sure I won't get lost, I went through Google maps countless times and even wrote down the directions on paper.
And made sure I'm on the road way before sunset.
Yes, kinda anal but beats getting lost in the dark and miss my first party with new friends =P

Obviously I got there in one piece and was the first to arrive.
Played with Megaa's kitty cat Bobby while waiting for the rest.
Bev came next and scared Bobby =(
But she snapped some really cute pics of Bobby...will post it up once I get the pics from Bev.

Suanie brought this cake. Isn't it just awesome? This is the most decent and innocent pic of the cake. After we got our hands on it, any pics taken must be censored =P There are a few equipments lying around (rifle, rope, tyres, cones). Just use your imagination!

It was a potluck party, so I was having trouble deciding what I should bring.
Since these are bootcampers, I thought they'll be health concious and only wanted low fat healthy food.
I even consulted Eric on food choices =)
Running out of options, I tried my luck by asking Suanie, "Pizza or KFC?"
I ended up getting 2 large pizzas from Pizza Hut =P
The rest brought KFC(yay!), satay, cupcakes, fried rice, potato salad, chips, carbonated drinks, beer, roast chicken and not forgetting the cake.

The funny thing is...all of us had bootcamp training in the morning but they're still talking about bootcamp all night at the party =P
At one point Corporal Faizal even got down and show us what is a 'crocodile walk'.

It was really nice getting to know everyone at a more relaxed setting where we're not in our bootcamp t-shirt with messy hair and sweating all over.
Just chilling out by the poolside with a Chinese cemetary nearby which Megaa used to spooked us about the toilet. was a little creepy but not that scary as I can hear everyone outside talking and laughing loudly while in there.
Sharon was pretty scared so I had to accompany her to the toilet.
Mi Lin and I then tried to freak her out by making scary noises =P
Okay...I better be nice in case I don't get invited to anymore parties!

Hugs to Suanie for inviting me to the bootcamp senior's party (though I'm still a newbie)...I had fun =)
Thanks to Megaa for being such a great host eventhough we had to climb the stairs back to ground level when the elevator didn't want to move with all of us squeezed inside =P
Many hugs to the rest for being such great company.

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