Saturday, October 17, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Day 6

Happy Deepavali =)

It's a public holiday and our platoon obviously had more AWOLs today.
That cost us 40 grunts as punishment *faints*

The hardest part today was probably the tire run.
We were split into 3 groups.
Each had a huge ass tire which we must carry (not touching the ground) in a group around the field.
Everyone in the group had to stay within 3 meters of the tire.
My group kinda had a member falling behind so we had to stop and do 10 grunts as penalty =(
At the last few meters, a recruit of ours couldn't run anymore, and she got carried back to the finish line by 2 strong guys.
That's teamwork alright.
Makes me feel so good to have them as teammates <3
You know they'll have your back when you need it.
In the end, we came in 2nd, which saw us getting down and doing 15 grunts more!

Then we went into a relay of grunts, push ups, sit ups and T-lifts.
Learnt 2 new variations of exercises today.
The King Kong push up and the Monk sit up =P
Well, the King Kong push up is just like a normal military push up but when you're up, you gotta hit a fist to your chest.
The hard part is supporting your body during the chest beating.
Do it fast and you'll look like King Kong!

Monk sit up is even easier.
Lie down on the ground and then join your feet by bending the knees.
Legs will be in the shape of a diamond.
Stretch both arms up and clasp hands above head.
Arms should be pressed against ears.
Then do a sit up without moving the arms.
How I wish there's someone who could take a pic of the whole platoon on the ground in their Monk position =P
I'm sure we look kinda rediculous =P

At one point, we were doing jumping jacks.
We were in 3 ranks, Rangers, Seals and Deltas.
It's kinda hard just jumping around in one spot so it's no suprised that the ranks are not in a straight line.
I was jumping jumping jumping and then I heard Sargeant Sim shouting "Seals, get back in rank. Don't wander around!!!"
That got me cracking
Okay...I have a weird sense of humour...but that was funny right?
I was picturing real cute baby seals wandering around and Sarge shouting at them...they'll probably just wiggle their whiskers and give him a wtf look =P

Anyways, two weeks of bootcamp went by really fast.
I can't believe I stuck with it.
I'm sure many people were surprised that I even considered joining Bootcamp.
Well...I surprised myself too!
I'm glad I didn't give up after the super duper hard 1st day where I almost puke.
I feel so much better health wise as now I could run quite a bit and not run out of breath.
I can even do a couple of push ups on toes!!!
It just feels so good to be out in the field so early...makes you feel healthy just standing there breathing in the cool morning air.
My only peev are the ugly red spots that I get all over my legs and hands =(
And they're starting to itch so at the moment...calamine lotion to the rescue.
Other than the little side annoyance of red bumps and sore muscles, Bootcamp is great!

The best part are the new friends I met.
Definitely the highlight of Bootcamp =D
If I would to consider joining for another month, it would be because of the people. Sargeant and Corporals included of course.
Without them, doubt it would be half as fun.

So, after 6 days of Bootcamp...besides getting my fitness level up and feeling happier, I've also managed to bring the inches down by a teeny weeny bit.

Measured in centimeters
Waist = 3cm
Hips   = 2 cm
Thigh = 1 cm
Arm   = 2 cm
Bust   = 3 cm *sighhhhh*

In total, I lost 11cms....which is a good start I supposed.
Unfortunately, my boobs seem to be shrinking as well =(

Next measurement will be taken after I graduate from Bootcamp at the end of the month.
By then, hopefully more inches had melted away and I could welcome Eric home in a smoking hot bod ;P


Baby said...

fats play part of our boobs

Tracy said...

Boobs are made of fat...well, nothing much I can do about it.

NickieChan said...

It becomes firmer!hehehe....its still cant lose it

Tracy said...

Nick : I'm sure they're still there...just that they're getting

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