Monday, October 5, 2009


I'm having butterflies in my stomach.
Going to start bootcamp tomorrow morning.
I just hope to God I don't lose my way there.
I've got the directions and it seems simple enough...*cross fingers*

This is my Bootcamp Checklist

1. Sports bra is a must though I left my pink Nike one in Macau. No idea why I brought it there in the first place -_-

2. A spare t-shirt to change into after bootcamp in case I'm too dirty to get into my car.

3. Water for drinking.

4. Wet wipes just in case.

5. Dettol anticeptic cream for cuts and graces. aid too. I'm super clumsy.

6. Set my alarm clock. No snoozing.

7. Loads of Determination to survive my first day.

8. Take off all jewelleries.

I'm quite nervous to be honest.
Haven't done something like this before.
And it's so freaking early in the morning.
It's still going to be dark when I leave the house.  
Gotta sleep early tonight so I don't look like a zombie and scare everyone at bootcamp.
My oh my...less than 12 hours to go.


Baby said...

is easy to see astaka from the federal but don't the exact road to it.

good luck and have fun..

Tracy said... was easier to find than I expected. And you're right, it's just next to the Federal.

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