Saturday, October 24, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Day 9

It's Bring-a-Friend Day and the end of Week 3.
None of my friends that I asked wanted to come =(
Just as well though 'cause I was feeling a little sick this morning.
Felt like puking before, during and after bootcamp.
I still feel like puking now.

I went to Bootcamp this morning with less than 2 hours of sleep last night.
Was wide awake until I finally dozed off after 4am.
Must be the caffeine I loaded into my body during dinner.

Woke up with a queasy feeling in my tummy.
Thought it'll get better after I had my toast.
It didn't.
So I thought maybe the toast needed sometime to settle in so I drove to Padang Astaka.
It still didn't get any better.
Thought maybe warming up will get my adrenaline pumping and feel better.
It didn't.
I should've stopped after warm up.
'Cause I felt like puking all the way through training.
And today was all about running.

The platoon today was big as many recruits brought friends.
We were split into 2 groups, the Guns & Rifles =P
And had to do a progressive team thingy.
Teams were given about 9 items each which includes sand bags, backpacks, huge tyres, water container, a heavy rope and even a stretcher with sandbags in it.
We had to pick up one item and run about 100meters and make sure the whole team crossed the check point.
Then we have to run back 100meters to pick up the 2nd item without putting down the 1st item.
Do the math, that's alot of running back and forth!!!

Obviously lighter items gets picked up first and the heavy tyres were left last.
Got 3 tyres okay.
The guys in my team did a great job with the tyres.
After all the items were picked up, we have to put them back one by one again.
Repeating the whole cycle in reverse.
Yup, more running =(

Was feeling so sick during the runs so all I could help out was with the smallest item, the sandbag.
I did one lap with the sandbag...which I'm still not sure how I managed it.
After that...all I could focus on was to not puke and not let my teammates down.
Damn paiseh to puke in front of so many people lar...some more so many 1st timers.

Some of the recruits' friends did extremely well.
Even better than me!
Shy only... least I'm getting better at my push ups =)

After bootcamp we headed to the mamak as usual.
But I could barely eat my thosai.
Took a few bites and felt like puking again =(

Not a good bootcamp day for me.
Shall head to bed and sleep till it's time for the pool party tonight.
Hopefully by then I'll be okay *fingers crossed*

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