Friday, October 2, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia

So....I signup for bootcamp.
Yup...The Original Bootcamp.

"Now it’s Malaysia’s turn to experience the fitness revolution that’s taking the world by storm.

A military inspired, outdoor group personal training program that utilises discipline based motivational techniques, Corps Training has been scientifically designed to achieve serious results, seriously fast, no matter what their current fitness level.

In its basic form, CORPSTRAINING consists of three, 60 minute sessions each week, for four weeks. The program begins with a Benchmark Workout which allows your instructors to not only judge your current strengths and weaknesses, but to place you into sections with other Recruits of an equivalent fitness level to yourself. By placing you into these sections, your individual Section Commander can ensure that you are continually challenged, without asking more of you then you are physically able.

As the program progresses, each session increases in intensity, in order to ensure that you are constantly improving. Be aware, CORPSTRAINING is definitely no walk in the park, but we guarantee that it achieve serious results, seriously fast. "

It was a crazy spur of the moment decision.

Read about in the The Star and I thought to myself..."Why not?" (I've since came up with a list of 'why nots')
I tried to get a couple of friends to join me in my crazy idea, they cleverly turned me down.
I did some reseach online on the bootcamp.
Seems to have some pretty good testimonials and they even have a page on Facebook.
Gave it some thoughts.
And whether I could get up at 6am three times a week...and get 'tortured'
Getting up at 6am is torture enough for me.
And then...I did it.
I enrolled.
Then it hit me...
What have I done? Am I crazy? I'm so not going to survive this!

What's done is done.
I'm glad I made the plunge.
I need a challenge and to prove to myself that I can do it.
Even when it scares the hell out of me.
So I'm going to be optimistic about bootcamp.
I've paid for it and there's no point in being a coward now.
Gotta psyche myself up for my 1st day on Tuesday.
I know what to expect from my body since it's been pampered and not working out at all.
Muscle soreness and maybe some bruises by the end of day 1.
I just hope I don't trip and fall flat on my nose.
It'll be super embarassing.

What I expect to gain from Bootcamp
1. and more fun!
2. Make some new friends.
3. Lost some weight.
4. Results from No. 3 should make my body hotter ;P

I shall be monitoring my weight and body measurements while I'm in bootcamp.
Though one important fact should be made known...Muscle weighs more than Fat!
So if the scale seems to be tipping  the wrong's just muscles!!! 

To be honest, I'm excited and scared at the same time.
My goal at the moment...survive 1 month of bootcamp


Baby said...

good luck and have fun!

laine said...

hahaha... can't believe this...neway, have fun, don't forget to bring along mosquittttooooo repellent =p

Tracy said...

Baby : Thanks...I'm quite looking forward to it now.

Laine : I doubt mosquitoes are up so early in the morning, but thanks for reminding me...somehow mosquitoes just love to suck me dry O_O

Baby said...

when mosquitoes smell yummy blood, they'll come no matter wat time it is..

HC said...

baby...u already have hot body!!
anyway, great to see you are enjoying the bootcamp :) should have told me earlier.. :P


HC said...

hope you enjoyed the bootcamp!

Tracy said...

HC : Now wanna make it spicy hot*sizzle*
I'm enjoying it alot.
Does that mean you'll be in my platoon next month? =D

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