Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Wedding and A Baby

It's been a busy weekend.
But what could be better than a wedding and a baby right?
First of all...gotta talk about my fake eyelash.
Oooohhh....I love them.
Works way better than mascara(hate those smudging) but takes damn long to put it on right!
Took me about 30 minutes to stick them on.
It was tedious but I've been told that practise makes perfect.
This eyelash that I bought came with a strong glue.
Got glue all over my fingers...maybe I wasn't doing it right...but the eyelash stuck on the whole night securely.
My only concern...did I glue them on any of my own eyelash?
I will totally freak out if I rip off what tiny bit of my natural short eyelashes when removing the fakes O_O

Aren't they gorgeous? Everyone was commenting how natural they look =)
Weng is Eric's cousin and the dinner was at Jaya Palace.
Seems like whichever wedding I attend, I end up sitting at the registration table.
While the bride and groom was all ready to make their grand entrance, Audrey(Eric's sis) and I quickly snap a pic with the huge poster where everyone wrote well wishes...some just left their signature like celebrities =P

Wedding favours. It's a biscuit sitting in that cute little basket.

As I was the only one who brought a normal size bag instead of a small demure dinner bag, this is what happened. At the end of the night, 8 of these were incubating in my bag.

Even the Chef had to be part of the food presentation entourage. Kinda a funny sight but not as funny as...

...this! Entertainers of the night sang and danced to cha cha cha with some healthy dose of rock & roll.

April, Audrey, Me, Lye and Eric's mum.

Sad to say, but the food wasn't that great.
I had a great time though =)

Get ready for overload of cuteness...I'm not kidding..Cuteness Alert

Meet baby Braxton <3

He's only one week old but so so so cute.
Much congratulations to Bryan and Amy on the arrival of their lovely baby.
Braxton smiled alot while I was carrying him and he has two cute little dimples.
He's going to be breaking lots of gals hearts when he grows up.
Oh..and he fell asleep while I was cradling him =)
Yes, my clock is ticking faster and louder.

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