Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Look For A Star

With all the controversy going on with Andy Lau in Malaysia and his secret wedding in Las Vegas last year, Eric and I finally watched his movie Look For A Star a few nights back.

What's so special about this movie is the fact that it was filmed in Macau.
And alot of scenes in MGM.
It doesn't hurt that Andy still looks so handsome and even I drool when looking at Shu Qi.
According to it's Wiki page, apparently the movie is based on the relationship between Stanley Ho and his 4th wife, Angela Leong.
I really can't imagine Stanley actually riding at the back of Angela's motorcycle all around Macau or Angela actually not knowing he is the Stanley Ho when they met.
Anyways, I'm glad I didn't know all this when we watched the movie.
It would've spoilt the movie for me. No matter how handsome Andy is.

Obviously this is a rich guy meets poor gal with a happy ending kinda movie.
Andy is his charming self as usual.
Shu Qi still have a long way to go with her Cantonese pronunciation.
My friends used to tease me and said I talk like Shu Qi.
Not in a good way.
I rather look like her. Not talk like her. With wrong pronunciations.
Yes, they laughed at me -_-
I think my Cantonese have improved leaps and bounds since living in Macau.
It's so embarrassing when locals here don't understand what I'm trying to say with my limited Cantonese.
I'm still learning, but still a long way to go.
Yeah...I've stop saying "cheng sek"(which we do in Malaysia!)
It's now "luk sek" (green colour) =P

Look For A Star even has it's own website.
It has the movie trailer and a few "making of" clips.
What's cute is the Love Monopoly Chart, which is a contest.
Unfortunately, I'm way too late =(
The contest ended a long time ago.

Since the movie was filmed in Macau, and Macau is a small small country, we recognized alot of the places in the movie.
Many we don't as well!
Eric is most excited anytime there's food featured in the movie.
He wants to know where is that place!!!
If you've always wondered how the MGM casino looks like, you gotta watch this movie.
And the funny part was when Shu Qi's character was at the MGM staff entrance and locker room, Eric was going "That's our staff entrance, see our locker, so small right?"
Now I know what he's talking about when he says his locker could only fit his shoes and nothing else =P

Anyways, I cried buckets.
I get damn emo whenever I watch movies or tv shows.
And this one really got to me.
Especially the part where the character Lin Jiu when on stage to declare his love for Jo.
He said, though he is poor, he deserve to love. And he wants her to know that in this world, there is someone who loves her.
I cried and cried and cried.

I believe in love.
Deep and selfless love.
And I could feel his every word.
Because I feel the same way.
Everyone deserve to love.
It doesn't matter if you're poor, educated, handsome, ugly, short, have three eyes or blind.
We deserve to be loved for who we are.
Accepted for who we are.
And if a person could love us despite our flaws, why can't we love ourself?
In love, there is sacrifice.
There is tolerance.
There is compromise.
There is heartbreak.

But why not give love a chance?
Give ourself a chance?
Isn't a little heartache worth it in the quest to obtain happiness?

Whether a guy has money or not has never been a priority for me.
Never really had a "List of Criteria" for The One before either.
Okay...maybe a mini list.

1. He must not be a criminal. (though I must say, even some criminals have someone to love them)
2. He must have a sense of humour.
3. Intellectually we must be compatible.(a very important criteria this one)
4. No STDs. (super important)

Maybe some people might say I've set a real low standards for guys I go out with.
But I believe in giving people a chance.
Never judge a book by it's cover?

Many people also think I'm bluffing when I told them Eric had nothing much when we started dating.
No car, no money, no job.
It didn't matter to me.
When Cupid's arrow strikes you, you can only follow your heart.

So, are you looking for a star?
Look closer, the star you're looking for might already be shining it's light on you.
It might be dim but give it a chance to shine.
Even a diamond needs a little polishing to dazzle =)

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