Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shen Garden Restaurant, Venetian Macau

Unfortunately, we decided to have dinner at this restaurant one night out in Taipa, Macau. Apparently, they specializes in Shanghainese cuisine.

Yup...those are empty picture frames on the wall. Don't ask me why. Send them an email if you're desperate enough and it's bugging you.

Everything on the table is mostly white.

Yes...the place is deserted. No idea why we wanna eat here in the first place. If the restaurant is empty, warning alarms should have sounded loud and clear in our heads.

Yeah...a chicken that could "drink" is on the menu.

Free appetizers. Yippee -_-

Spare ribs.

Some duck .

Stupidly, we ordered the "Drinking chicken". It was freezing cold and super salty.

Rice is serve with a piece of bacon.

Vege with some weird beancurd ribbons thingy. Tasteless and I almost puke trying the ribbons. Yucks.

Seriously, either something is wrong with this restaurant's chefs or Shanghainese cuisine needs some serious flavouring.
Can you believe it....the plates which the food are served on are cold.
Not room temperature which is still acceptable.
BUT...fridge cold plates.
That meant all our dishes are cold even if it was meant to be hot.
I was super disappointed =(
Spoilt my mood. Spoilt my appetite.
And service sucks as well.
Now we know why the restaurant was empty -_-

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Anonymous said...

Shen Garden is located in the Venetian located in Taipa, Macau.

We booked the restaurant one month before Chinese New Year (CNY) to have our reunion dinner. When we arrived, we had no table available - so the manager decided to put us into a private room.

We requested for pot of hot water and rice with our meal from four different staff (one who is a Manager of the restaurant) - they never arrive ! My son had to go out of the room to get a thermo flask of hot water ourselves.

We order the famous Shanghainess Gui Hua fish - they gave us the wrong fish ! Finally came - the small fish had too much tomato resulting in too heavy taste of tomato rather than tasting the fish - probably because fish wasn't fresh.

We were shocked when the bill came ... MOP 756.00 for the fish which they claims it's almost 2 kati ... we were very sure that tiny fish is at most 1 kati in weight ... the nasty manager claims the fish would have shrunk during the deep frying ... by half ??? Don't be ridiculous we told them. One of the manager (workers' badge no : 056 by the surname of [Chan]) told us when we were disputing the bill.... "stay all night if you wish, we have the time if you don't wish to pay...." What sort of atitude is that coming from a service personnel.

Remember we requested for rice with our meal (four times inclusive of the manager himself) .... it never arrived.... we wondered if the grain is still being harvest from the field....

We find it very disgraceful for Venetian to have such a well regarded brand but such a terrible restaurant in their building. The staff were too ashamed to even give us their owners' details - worried we will complaint and get them fired as they know they are in the wrong.

We challenge the management of the restaurant to make contact here so that we can raise our concerns with them directly .... before they have to close up shop due to the bad service offered by their staff.

What a night for us... suppose to be a very happy evening during our reunion dinner - was totally ruined by the bad atitutes of the staff in Shen Garden. We urge everyone NOT to visit the restaurant (unless you want to experience a BAD meal) ... even Mcdonalds provides better service !!

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