Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Restaurant Jit Ben @ Berkeley, Klang

Dinner tonight was with Big Aunt's (Mum's eldest sister) family, Mum, Aunt Serene and Melaine.
As I'm seriously bad with roads in Klang, I made Melaine drive us there =)
Big Aunt son recommended this restaurant as it serves Foochow dishes.
And being a Foochow family, we salivate whenever we think of "red wine mee suah"

To get to Restaurant Jit Ben, it's not that hard.
But I can only give directions from the federal highway 'cause that was the road we took earlier.
On the federal highway coming from Subang, go all the way until you meet the Klang toll.
Then go on the flyover (while on the flyover, you'll see Jaya Jusco on your right)
Keep left after the flyover and take the exit on the left.
You will come to a roundabout. Do a 3 o'clock.
Go straight and you'll see a church on your left.
Go straight a little more and you'll see Restaurant Jit Ben on your right.

First up was the 'red wine mee suah". It was really good. Even better than those we had in Sitiawan. Have been told that they made the red wine themselves and the mee suah came all the way from Sitiawan =) The best thing of all...they used a lot of ginger in this dish...loves ginger!

This kuey teow look-a-like is actually hand made, something like "pan mee". Cooked with lots of "la la"(clams), the soup is super tasty eventhough it's such a simple bowl of noodles.

Next up was chicken herbal soup. It's bitter yet sweet at the same time. Hard to describe. But it's really good for health, heaty though so don't drink too much. Apparently, this soup is boiled with ginseng too. The perfect soup on a cold rainy day. According to my cousin, it taste better if the soup was boiled with duck instead of chicken. Too bad they ran out of ducky tonight =(

This is super yummilicious. I couldn't help myself...I had to gobble down a few pieces first before I could snap a pic. It just looks to yummy to resist. That's why by the time I managed to put my chopsticks down, the dish was almost gone =P Mushrooms, sea cucumber and 3-layers pork was braised to perfection. The layer of porky fat in between tender meat and soft skin is addictive! If only porky fats doesn't make me fat....sigh...wishful thinking

A Foochow specialty. Sweet and sour fish maw. Normally, the fish maw is cooked with sea cucumber, but tonight, all the expensive sea cucumber when into the porky dish. This is one of my fav Foochow food. And this restaurant cooked it really well. It wasn't too watery or too thick, just the right consistency. The fish maw was tasty and not oily at all. To me the spiciness gave it an extra 'ommph' but it was too much for the rest of the family. That meant more for me and less for them...hahaha =P

We also had a dish of deep fried fish but I didn't have a chance to snap a pic. By the time everyone attacked it, even the bones were gone. There was also a dish of some vege thingy that I didn't fancy so I didn't bother taking a pic.

The Foochow dishes here beats those in Sitiawan hands down.
Quality in Sitiawan has been on the decline in recent years and that's a shame.
Thankfully, we now have a place to head to while we're in KL whenever we crave for Foochow food.
Oh...as it turns out, the lady boss/chef of the restaurant is from Sitiawan too.
Man...Sitiawan Foochow people are everywhere these days!
Anyways, it turns out that lady boss knew our family back in those good ol'days.
Small small world I tell you.

I'm still so full as I stuffed myself silly at dinner.
I'm putting on way too much weight lately =(
Too much eating and not much moving around.
Yes, I'm lazy.
Good news is, I'll be starting salsa classes soon!

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