Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tai Sei Hei

I'm not refering to mahjong =P It's a restaurant name. Okay, I'm not sure if it's the restaurant name but those are the only words I could read on it's I'm calling it Tai Sei Hei. This little place is hidden in some back lanes that Eric discovered some time back. Business for them are mostly locals as I don't see any tourist around. I think they serve a variety of dishes but we go there primarily for the hot pot which is super delicious. This place obviously lack ambiance, space and hygiene but they make up for it with great tasting food and friendly service...and it's cheap too!

See how small the restaurant is? There are seating upstairs but it's super tight and you'll probably suffocate if there are people smoking. I much prefer to sit downstairs so at least I can breathe =P

They also serve live seafood...fishes and prawns share swimming spot while the eel try to freak out the fishes sharing it's tank.

Our la-la dish. It's so-so only. Much prefer those we get back in Malaysia. pot is here! Guess what's in the pot. If you look past the pot, you'll see the backlane where this restaurant is located. The lane is so small you can't even park a car there. Actually you can park a car, then nobody else can pass =P

Our hot pot comes loaded with chicken feet and pork bones.

Since Eric is kinda a regular at this place, the aunty gave us lots of chilli =)

When you order vege, they'll give you lots. Everything seems to be one size only in Macau.

I only eat the chicken feet while Eric and Mum eat the pork bones. I know it doesn't look very appetizing in this pic but trust's delicious. Especially the soup...yummy yum yum.

This is the pork bone. Eric wanted to make it look nice for the camera, that's why a piece of vege and two strands of mushroom is lying seductively on this piece of pork ;P

I'm waiting for winter time now. Coz only in winter they will serve lamb brisket hot pot. That is the most delicious of all. Why lamb only in winter? Coz it's said that the lamb hot pot is a super "heaty" dish so it'll help the body to keep warm during the cold winter days. Cheap and tasty food with friendly service...that's why we keep going back for more =)


Jess said...

Hi, its great to read ur blog especially regarding nice foods... Make me feel hungry....:P Will be my reference when i get to visit Macau again...

Tracy said...

Hi Jess...long time no see. Let me know when you're visiting Macau...we can go 'makan-makan' together =P

Jess said...


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