Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Grand Buffet @ The Grand Lisboa

Last night, Eric took us to dinner at the Grand Lisboa. It's seriously a really grand buffet as the food spread is about 100 meters long, I think. It took quite an effort just to walk the entire length of it holding a plate full of food. Walking up and down the food display can work up quite an appetite!

Grand Lisboa is also the home to "The Star of Stanley Ho". It's The World's Largest Flawless Diamond and weighs 218.08 carats graded by the Gemological Institute of America, as a D-IF with excellent polish and symmetry. This diamond is located in the casino guarded by security guards at all times. Is a freaking huge diamond I tell you. A must see in Macau...every gals best friend =)

See The Star of Stanley Ho below.

Night shot of The Grand Lisboa

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Samurai-ish statue guarding the main entrance with a sword. Looks like he's saying "Give me your money *roar*"

This ancient Chinese character stands together with the Samurai. At least he looks a little friendlier.

This is the lobby I think. The casino is right through the door on the left. Yeah, in other hotels, you find the check-in counter once you enter the main door. Not this Lisboa though. This Lisboa you are greeted by the casino =)

Artistic deco in the lobby. Too bad the lilies are fake. If they're real, it'll be gorgeous.

This is made of gold. Only in Lisboa.

This is a jade carving which I find a little ugly.

We arrived...The Grand Buffet

Malaysia makes itself felt in Macau.

Assorted sushi and sashimi.

More sushi...

The chef giving me the evil eye when he saw me snapping his pic. So protective like that!What's he frying?

Those are Alaskan King Crab legs...people queue up just to get a few pieces of the legs.

Teppanyaki scallop with garlic butter. This is yummy.

Lots of fresh live prawns waiting to be eaten.

The live prawns get cooked in boiling water and that's it.

I can't remember what are these called. Small lobster or cray fish. Eric says it's yabbies. Whatever lar.

This is the noodle section. A cute chef cooks it for you too =)

Many variety of noodles and meat to choose from.

People browsing the food on display.

This section has pita bread, tika chicken, lamb rendang.

This shot shows only bout a quarter of the total buffet spread.

Roast pork and friends =) The "siew yoke" is pretty good. We took lots of the "siew yoke" skin which is undoubtedly the best part!

There's dim sum as well.

The kuih-kuih section. Only Mum ventured to this part of the buffet to get food.

I ventured in only to snap a pic of a very Malaysia sounding kuih. Btw, this kuih taste horrible.

Cute dessert macaroon, cream puff and chocolate brownies.

Tiramisu which looks a little yucky after being attacked by diners.

Crepes being made on order.
This kid is playing at the chocolate fountain.

Beautiful display made of chocolate

Colourful ice-cream.

Delicious seafood tom yum koong...super yummy

Clockwise from left: Siew mai, crab stick salad, baby octopus, mushroom & broccoli, lamb rendang, fried shrimp wanton and Alaskan King Crab legs.

Tempura prawn, sushi, Malaysia satay, cheese oyster, teppanyaki beef, scallop, smoked salmon, crab stick salad and crab legs in the middle.

This is Eric's plate. It has rice, celery and also fried salmon.

Mum's plate : Kuihs, sushi, tempuras, small lobster and some veggies.

Chocolate covered fruits, chocolate cake, creme brulee, macaroon, chocolate brownies and mint chocolate cake.
A dull coloured combination indeed. Black sesame with it's coconut flavoured friend ice cream.

This is me after I've eaten too much.

The Grand Buffet was very enjoyable. So many varieties of food so there's no way I could try each and every one of the dishes. The best part of the restaurant? It links itself to the casino by just an excalator. On the ride down the excalator, you'll have a nice view of the casino and all the people trying their lucks at the tables. Anyone planning to go for the Grand Buffet, remember to bring a big stomach for the food and a big wallet for the casino =)

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