Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Seeing Red

Yesterday was our day out. The weather was beautiful. We wandered around and decided to have dinner in Red 8 in Wynn. This restaurant is smack right in the centre of the casino =) As we always expect food in hotels to be pricey, surprisingly, Red 8 was reasonably priced. Service is also exceptionally good with the manager who is from Hong Kong speaking good English. He was really helpful and nice too.

Since coming here, it's the first time we could order our food in English. Most of the time, eating can be a problem as the menu is in Chinese. If you're lucky enough to get an English menu, you still have to tell the waitress the dish you want in Cantonese because they don't understand English at all. There's one restaurant we ate in recently where we ordered by pictures! So, eating in hotels is a very delightful experience in Macau.

The menu cover...love the red

I like the bulls eye forming the number 8
Yummy selection of specialties
I love eating in hotels...tableware all looks so clean and new
Many choices of seasoning
We ordered Roasted Goose and Roasted Pork...delicious

Look at the 'siew yoke"...yummy with it's crispy skin

Juicy goose...I want more!

Braised beef brisket noodle...the best we tasted in Macau to date =)

Lots and lots of mouth watering goodies

Enjoying my dinner =P

After dinner, time to look around...this restaurant have a show kitchen

Diners can choose to dine while watching chefs in action right in front of them.

Teapots as artistic wall deco
The kitchen looks clean...

The manager told me that they use wood to roast the Peking duck. The round table is used to carve the Peking duck skin so it can be served in dainty portions. In case anyone is wondering, people usually only eat the skin of the Peking duck. The meat will be used for other dishes.

A relaxing ambiance is really inviting after a tiring game of gambling

The view from our table

Chefs working hard in the kitchen

I really enjoyed my dinner at Red 8. Now I know where to go for food when I'm in the area =) The funniest thing happened in Wynn. Mum and I was going through the security as usual to enter the casino and I got stopped. The uncle security guard said I'm underage 0_o I told him I just came from MGM casino so how can I be underage? He said the requirement in MGM and Wynn is different -_- When I asked what's the age limit in Wynn? He said 18 years old! Excuse me...how can I not look older than 18? It's a bit ridiculous and I told him so...he then just took a look at my passport and let me in. Can't believe I could still pass of as a teenager =P When I told Eric about it later...his only response was to give me a look that says "Yeah...righttt..."


Jess said...

For a women, its always better to look younger than the real age... :D

Tracy said...

lol...that's true..at least next time people will mistaken me for my children's sister!

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