Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cool Calendar

It's the weekend again and today started real slow. Went for lunch and now I'm in Starbucks tweaking my blog. I managed to add a Blog Archive Calendar which I have hunted high and low for quite some time now. Found a website which made adding the calendar a breeze. It helps that I could read the programming code as well so I could modify the calendar to make it look a little nicer. My degree is not a total waste after all =P Mum will be proud but then I doubt she knows the concept of a blog.

Doesn't it look way cooler with the archive calendar? The normal archive list looks so messy as it keeps getting longer and longer. With a calendar, it's also much easier to keep track of my postings. Now with just a glance, it's easy to see when I've been lazy and didn't bother to blog. With the calender in place, I then decided to add a Recent Posts List so people could still see what I've blogged about without clicking on the calendar. I'm so clever sometimes I amaze myself =D

It's crazy how I'm now sleeping at 4am every night and getting up at 9am. But then I'll just laze around in bed till bout 11am. But still, 5 hours of sleep almost everyday is bad...really bad for my skin. Have to try to sleep more. But I don't like sleeping alone =(

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