Monday, October 27, 2008

Pizza vs Satay @ USJ 9

Mum wanted to have dinner at Pizza vs Satay which is a place we used to frequent. Their nasi lemak and satay used to be very famous. During my Monash days, our whole gang used to eat here as a treat once in a while as it's a little hard on our college student budget. I remember we always ordered fruit juices in giant mugs and Ian always ordered a spaghetti carbonara. It is really amazing just watching him eat. You see, Ian eats his carbonara by the strand. That's right, strand by strand and it takes ages. We always cross our fingers hoping that his pasta would be the first to arrive so by the time he finishes the last strand, he wouldn't be too far behind us!

Anyways, today we arrived at the restaurant and it was pretty deserted. I'm not sure it's because of the holidays or we are too early for dinner but it was already 6.30pm when we got there. The deco is still warmly inviting as before but that's where the similarity ends. To put it bluntly, the food sucks. The service sucks even more.

Once I saw the restaurant's staffs, I thought I was at a funeral. There's no smile, no chatter, just lots of sour grapes. Well, we thought we'll give them a chance as the food was the one that got us here. The waitress that took order is the worst I've even encountered in a restaurant. She didn't know what's on the menu. She doesn't know what is available. She don't know nuts.

Our conversation that made me wanna puke blood...lots of blood.

Me : We want satay and Hawaiian pizza.
Waitress : Ok
Me : Mum, you want anything else? Soup?
Waitress : Ok...1 soup
Me : *puke blood...I was talking to Mum and she thinks I'm ordering*
Me : What soup are you serving today?
Waitress : I don't know. Wait ar...*turns to the pizza chef for chef then turns to kitchen to ask*
Me : *puke blood again*
Waitress : It's mushroom soup. Mushroom ok?
Me : No. We don't want the soup. What are the mixed fruits in this desert *points to menu*
Waitress : *looking super blur and turns to pizza chef again. This time she pointed to the menu as she can't even pronounce the dish's name. Blah blah blah...and she's back*
Waitress : Today we don't have this. The people are out catering and they took the equipment with them.
Me :*WTF??? Puke more blood*
Mum : 0_o
Me : Give me one bruschetta -_-

So off she went to deliver our order to the chefs. At the mean time, it's still feels like a funeral. After about 15 minutes, the food is ready. When the chef pass the food to the waitress to serve, she actually asked "Which table?" My goodness, there's only 2 other tables besides ours and one of the table was already half way through their meal. Can she not remember which table ordered which dish? There's only 3 freaking table for God's sake! She actually went beyond stupid as she asked the chef which table every time she's given a plate of food to serve. Even after we already gotten all our food and only one table left to serve, she still asked which table. I don't think I have enough blood supply.

The only thing that kept me happy in this place was the jigsaw puzzles hanging on the wall.

Satay with ketupat. If you ever want to try this place even after reading this post, order the beef satay only as the chicken is tough and dry. Mum and I both agreed that the tasty satay sauce saved this dish.

Mushroom Bruschetta which is way too salty.

I really would not recommend anyone to try this restaurant. Gone were it's glory days. I shall try to put this bad experience behind me. Instead, I'll treasure the fun memories I had with my friends eating here while pushing Ian to eat faster by threatening to eat it for him! These crazy fun people are now in different places pursuing a career after uni. Sue Yi and Joe working in Singapore, Yunita in Indonesia, Yu Hock back in Penang, How Khang studying in Hong Kong and Terence in Johor. It's only Ian and me left in Subang. Okay...technically, I'm in Macau but since I'm blogging from Subang, I'll consider myself rooted here for a moment.

I miss those days. How I wish they could all come back so we could have more days like that =D

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Tracy said... disappointing. I forgot to mention that we didn't get our pizza either coz the waitress didn't write in down -_-

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