Friday, October 31, 2008

Can't stop eating

I think I'm blogging more about the food I'm eating more than cooking! I've been looking back at my posts and food is taking centre stage. No wonder I'm putting on so much weight in just a few short weeks 0_o My clothes are getting a little snug and unflattering....maybe it's time to consider a diet before I need to go get new clothes in larger sizes.

Anyways, today me and Mum decided to go shopping in Mid Valley. It surprised me that there are so many people in the shopping mall on a working day. I guess Malaysia's economy ain't going to be affected so much after all with people still spending money like crazy shopping.

We had lunch at The Toast which is situated at the walkway connecting Mid Valley and The Gardens.

The Toast serves kopitiam style food and you gotta give your table number before ordering at the cashier. We sat at a table with my favourite number 17 =D

The nasi lemak is so-so only and it cost RM4.40+ 5% service charge. It's quite a small pack but it comes with the egg. Not worth the price as it doesn't even have any meat.

This toast is part of a set with 2 soft boiled eggs and a cup of tea or coffee. Very normal tasting toast....can do at home anytime.

The set comes with 2 eggs. I like my eggs not too big, not too small and cooked just right. These are a little overdone and the yolk is not so runny anymore.

Mum complaint the milk tea is too bitter. Well, it tasted okay to me but nothing to shout about.

Well, needless to say Mum didn't enjoy eating at The Toast. So after a few hours of shopping in Mid Valley, we stopped at Taipan for an early dinner. People in Subang Jaya are spoilt for choices when it comes to food. Chinese, Indian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese and even Western cuisine are everywhere. Lots of fast food are also available in the not too distant Sunway Pyramid and Subang Parade.

Variety is definitely not a problem for people living in Subang. The only problem is the quality of the food. It's really hard to find tasty and good value for money food here. Mum and I have our own little place for some delicious and cheap food in Subang. This restaurant is smacked right in the centre of Taipan Triangle. Nanking restaurant is located at the same row as McDonald's opposite RHB Bank. The best hawker food here is the Pan Mee (I don't know what's it called in English) and Penang Assam Laksa. It's really yummy and we always order both when we eat there.

Penang assam laksa which is the best in Subang in my opinion. The tasty soup is thick and you can actually see fish in the soup.

The assam laksa smells so good that no one can really resist it...really yummylicious.

My favourite Pan Mee. It's served with slices of mushrooms(my favourite), mince pork and some preserved vege all chopped up.

My Pan Mee are in pieces instead of the normal ribbons. These pieces are made by flattening the dough and then peel of piece by piece into the boiling soup. If you order yours in ribbons, it'll be done using a pasta machine.

Eating this Pan Mee is never complete without some fried anchovies and delicious chilli sauce.

It's Friday again and it's Halloween. Well, it's not really spooky here as Halloween is not a popular celebration in Malaysia but the same can't be said about Oktoberfest which is happening at One Utama over the weekend. I will avoid One Utama whenever events like this is happening as the traffic is horrendous.

Well...time to plan what to eat over the weekend =P

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