Sunday, October 5, 2008

2008 Macau Open Badminton Championship

It was an exciting day for me and Mum as we just realized why Lee Chong Wei was spotted in Macau (I blogged about it here). We thought he was here for the casinoes =P Thankfully, the finals was only played today so both of us dashed to the stadium so Mum could watch her idol in action. The games were being played at Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion which is like down the street from our apratment. Only about 10 minutes walk! We braved the strong winds only for one and only one reason...Lee Chong Wei =) So off we went...
Yay! We made it to Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion. Many badminton fans were already there when we arrived.Garden outside the stadium.
Queing to get a ticket.
These are lucky draw boxes. It's like lottery lar. If the player you chose wins, then only your number have a chance to be drawn. Why is Taufik's box bigger than Chong Wei's? Not fair lar...
Obviously we chose Chong Wei. Both our lucky draw number went into this box.

We were given some props to cheer with.
Guess what this is? Let me give some's long, it's hard and it's noisy =P's a...erm...plastic clapper?

Obviously one clapper ain't going to make much noise. I have to blow another one. Okay, the truth is, I blew two of these things and sadly, both deflated. Other people's clapper seems to be hard and strong while mine goes limp each time I let go of the base. Gotta work on my blowing skills =( It's my first time blowing this kinda things lar...

I followed the instructions and it didn't work =(

Our ticket cost MOP80 each. Lucky draw number on the bottom right.
Souvenirs for memories.
Wah...not bad right?

We get one envelope each =) Don't know what it's for. Somemore only got pic of China players -_-
When we sat down, mixed doubles started. Quite boring.
Next was Malaysia's Women Single's player Julia Wong.
Julia in action.
Coaches deep in discussion...then Julia lost. Oh well...better luck next time.

Malaysia's Mens Double Koo Kien Kiat and Tan Boon Heong.
Must always warm-up first...then only can win.
Our boys working hard on the court.
and they WON!!! This game was super exciting and super fast. If you even blink once, you'll miss the action.
This one even more boring...Womens double both also China team. Got lots of time to busybody now...

Wah...all their clappers are hard...mine still limp leh
Even this kid managed to have a hard one.
This gal is holding on strongly to her hard clappers too...
Blow somemore ar? So many hard clappers not enough is it? *Looks under kid's seat*
Uncle also can have two hard he blow to make it hard?Mum...stop looking at the leng chai and look at the camera!

Much better...Mummy & Me =)

Continue looking around as the women's double still playing...this is the prize presentation stage.
Guy in blue is the only leng chai I could spot around me. So hard to get this pic as the guy in glasses was in the way.
Macau SAR flag.

VIP seating opposite us...
Camera man at the corner
More camera men
Finally...Lee Chong Wei *clap clap clap* with our hands lar...plastic clappers still limp.
Getting ready for the showdown

This is Taufik Hidayat...undoubtedly the most leng chai badminton player at the moment.
See how fit he is?
Lack of pictures coz the game is so interesting I haven't got time to snap pics.
Taufik is really really really good. Chong Wei made some good shots and some bad calls. It was Taufik's game all the way.
Our only Gold in Macau...thanks to Koo Kien Kiat and Tan Boon Heong =) *clap clap clap*

Another Silver for Chong Wei =) At least still got prize money lar...

We decided to leave then coz we don't get to join the lucky draw since our chosen player lost. When we were at the lobby, so many people were loitering around and we joined them since it was raining cats and dogs outside. Then we realise what was happening. Those are fans waiting for the players for pics and autographs!! We are so blur I tell you. So...that was my first experience being a "fan" waiting to take a pic of a celebrity. Mum was ready with her envelope (apparently that's what it's for) and pen for Lee Chong Wei to autograph. We waited...and saw the China team...the Indonesia team...Koo Kien Kiat and Tan Boon Heong...and then we waited somemore. No sign of Chong Wei. Then suddenly there were screams from young gals and aunties. Yeah...Chong Wei has arrived. Guess what...he waved from about 30ft away and then headed the opposite direction. Erm...I guess Datuks don't use the same door as everyone else. Everyone was so disappointed. Mum as well. She really wanted to meet him. Lee Chong Wei, how can you do this to your fans? At least come closer and say "Thank you for your support" or something like that. After a little while...we saw another celebrity...

this is Misbun Sidek. Hey...he did win a medal in the Olympics many years back k...

We then decided to head for dinner eventhough it was raining outside. It was a wet and windy walk to the restaurant. At least the food was pretty good. I think it's a Thai restaurant as they have pics of the Thai King & Queen on the wall.

We wanted Pad Thai but got this instead. Taste pretty okay and the portion is huge. Enough to feed 2 person.
Delicious Prawn cakes that comes with plum sauce for dipping.

Can see the prawns somemore...this is really tasty but a little pricey at RM4 per piece.

Today it's the first time Mum and I had ever watch a live badminton tournament. We've always watch it on tv before but it can't compare to watching it in a stadium. It's just unfortunate that Lee Chong Wei lost to Taufik. Hopefully we'll have a chance to watch him in action again in the future. Now...I have to go practice blowing ;P

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