Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gals Night Out

Yesterday, I met up with a bunch of gals who are my ex-colleagues from Maersk. It's so good to hang out with them again...they are my lunch buddies during my Maersk days. It started with Joverse having a makeover in Shu Uemura. By the time I got there, she already had foundation plastered on her face. Luckily I still managed to quickly snap a 'before' pic =D

Joverse's 'before' pic which makes her look kinda pale.

Hehe...the makeup artist wanted to do a natural look but I told her to do a "smokey eye" instead...later regretted cause it took super long to finish -_-

I have to "layan" myself while Joverse is being painted.

Hair look so messy 0_o

My wink tak jadi at all. Looks so cacat.

Finally!! Smokey eyes all done. This is the 'after' pic with some tongue action.

Last pic before heading to dinner...

We gals decided on Dragon-i for dinner. I love eating at this restaurant. Nice ambiance, delicious food and reasonable prices.

Best of can also disturb the chefs if you want too =P

Terracotta warriors made their way to Sunway...I find it funny that Terracotta Warriors are in Pyramid as both are in their own rights magnificent wonders of the world.

No need to guess what is their specialty. It's well positioned on the menu cover.

Amanda all ready for dinner...

L-R : Shey Imm, Yann Mei and Joverse.

Amanda trying to be a rapper while on the phone while I'm just a backdrop.

X marks the spot =P

More cam whoring before dinner...Regina is still missing.

View from our's pretty crowded during dinner time.

Amanda's drink which is some herbal stuff. The drink arrived, I whipped out my camera, take a pic and then I noticed that she'd already drank a quarter -_-

My barley needs more lemon

Amanda's pot chicken rice which she ended up hugging during dinner while announcing how good it is...never offer to us also leh...

This is a fried yam ball which came free cause Joverse have some sort of voucher. I don't like yam but the gals said it tasted good.

My favourite spicy braised beef brisket noodle...I always order this la mien if I don't have to share.

Okay...we went to Dragon-i for these babies. Shanghainese Dumplings. They are to-die-for. I think I can eat 10 of these by myself...super super yummy.

We had to order two baskets to feed six gals...there can never be too many siao long pao =)

Joverse ordered a mince meat la mien.

This is Yann Mei's. Shredded pork and preserved vege la mien cause she has a sore throat I think.

More dumplings...but these are pan-fried. Much prefer the steamed ones.

Group picture after dinner. Regina finally made it to dinner. She had to brave heavy rain and floods just to get to Pyramid.

Meet grey Terracotta man =D
Shey Imm can't help it. She thinks Terracotta man is really cute and wanna be friends =P

L-R : Regina, Me, Yann Mei, Amanda and Joverse
We dragged Shey Imm away from Terracotta man to snap pic for us =P

Joverse got delirious after too many dumplings and thought she's a flower!

Me and Amanda went for happy hours in Republic after dinner while the gals headed home. Ended up we had to endure this Japanese band who is sorta promoting their 2nd album and making a whole lot of noise instead of music. We resorted to shouting just to hear each other. Then we spotted some people dressed really cute hanging around Republic and finally we realised there's a cosplay competition going on. Have to make this gals night a weekly thing =D

Yesterday was fun but today was a busy day. Had to get some documents processed and it's not a pleasant experience. It's going to be a few more days to settle everything. Then I went to get a much needed haircut. I've been itching to get it cut for some time now as I got so tired of my boring hairstyle. Not that the new style is super exciting but at least it’s different. A bit different lar.

I think I look younger with this hairstyle. Bet I’ll be stopped even more often now by the casino guards =P My bangs is cut pretty steep. I would much prefer a straight one so I’ll look like a doll but that’ll also make my face super round and fat. Well, can always cut it straight later when I get bored of this one.

This is supposed to be my 'sexy' look but tak jadi at all man.

Trying out my “I’m going to cry” look to be used on Eric when needed ;P

So sweet right? =D

Guess how much the haircut cost? It's at an unbelievable RM25 only. Includes hair wash and blow dry. Okaylah...I know I sound like a scrooge but it's a really good deal. RM25 means I can afford to have my hair up keep every month instead of just once in 3 months. Anyone wants a cheap and professional haircut, head over to Kimarie Taipan USJ *flips hair*

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you are lovely. thanks for sharing and happy holidays

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