Friday, October 24, 2008

Cross stitch : Carp update 5

I finally finished stitching all 9 carps. It was all done with love despite the drama with transcolour. So now what's left is stitching the water, some small leaves and also to add bling bling scales to my carps. I've already bought the bling bling threads and it's triple the price of normal threads. I hope it'll look nice on my carps as it's the first time I'm blinging any of my cross stitch projects.

Yay...It's almost done. It looks much better in real life than in pictures.

When it's finished, it should look like this. Guess which is transcolour?

Yup...this is transcolour. It's a male just because it gave me so much pain and drama ;P

Was out shopping today so I'll work only get to work on my carps tonight. I'm sort of in a hurry to get this done as I have another hobby of mine that needs attention. Ooooh...I can't wait =D

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