Thursday, October 30, 2008

3JC Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

Yesterday was freaking hot and it's still freaking hot today. Thought I left the scorching heat in Macau. Had dinner with Joverse to catchup on some good old gossip. She wanted to eat something with hot soup so we ended up in a restaurant called 3JC in Sunway Pyramid. It was pretty deserted at dinner time but we decided to give it a try.

This was on their menu's back cover. Check out their tagline.
What caught my interest was they actually listed down how long it takes to prepare the dish. I didn't know it takes 5 minutes to prepare a "Hot Ceramic Chinese Bowl" 0_o
It's amazing that it takes 10 steps and almost 2 hours to make sausages only! I wonder how many sausages is that? Cannot be only making 8 grams in 2 hours right?
10 hours and 35 minutes for a bowl of noodles? And people wonders why I don't cook =P

Joverse ordered 3JC with homemade noodles which took 10 hours to make.

I decided to have the curry version instead so it comes with beancurd and long beans. I'm sure this will take more than 10 hours 35 minutes as they have to prepare the beans and beancurd =P

This is the meatball that took 52 minutes to prepare and eaten in 5 minutes ;P

We finished our noodles in like 15 minutes...hehe...ever gave a thought on the 10 hours the chefs took to prepare it. We do sometimes take chefs for granted when the dish looks so simple isn't it? Makes me wonder if they are overdoing it for a bowl of noodles as I'm sure noodles served at hawker stalls are prepared with less time and is tastier. The noodles at 3JC is so-so only. Wouldn't say it's delicious but the serving is quite big for Malaysian standards. Well, it's a good place for gossip session as the place is pretty empty so it's not noisy and you don't feel pressured to leave when there's a line waiting to be seated =D

After pyramid, it's yumcha at SS2 mamak. It's been ages since I've been there. Met up with Ian, Sam, Terence and Kamal. Haven't seen Terence and Kamal for years and they look the same! Well, it's a good start to getting the bunch of Computer Science people together. Sam's the only one not from Comp Science but she's been hanging out with our group since Uni days.

Wouldn't it be fun to have a 10 year reunion of some sort in the, I'll be in my 30's by then 0_o Am sure many of us will have Juniors by then to add to the havoc ;P

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