Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Birthday @ Jogoya

Aunt Serene turned a glorious 50 (edit : Melaine pointed out to me that her Mum is only 49 and not 50. Aiyah...follow Chinese calendar then 50 lor =P ) and we celebrated her birthday by stuffing ourselves with food. We gals made our way to Jogoya in Starhill all dressed up to paint the restaurant red =P

Jogoya Buffet @ Starhill.

My cute cousin Pei Ann. Don't we look like sisters?

These clips are essential when dining in Jogoya. Leave a clip at the food station for the chef to cook certain dishes and they'll serve it at the table.

Yummy prawns...

I love mushrooms...my only complaint? The portion is too small! Gotta put more than one clip the next time I order this.

Cod fish with prawns.

We ordered 3 bowls of this soup coz it taste so good =D

When we got to the bottom of the bowl...we found stones 0_o We've got no idea why they put stones in the soup. Maybe the stones make the soup yummy?

Lots of Japanese goodies.

More enoki mushrooms. Didn't really like this one coz it's too oily.

You need a clip for this too. There's creamy soup in the cup and covered with a puff. The soup is too sweet for my taste.

Mum, Aunt Serene and Aunt Helena.

Pei Ann, Me and Melaine

God quite unfair right? So many beautiful gals in the same family ;P

Pic with the birthday gal.

Complimentary birthday cake from Jogoya.

Wish I could have more of this Thai fragrant coconut. But after drinking all the yummy soups, I only could manage one coconut =(

Cute pudding desert. I think they'll make nice breast enhancer =P

The spongy birthday cake. They didn't allow us to bring the cake home due to "company policy" and obviously we can't finish it after stuffing ourselves with so much food.

By the time I got to desert, I'm already freaking stuffed. But I still gotta have a go at the various Haagen Dazs ice cream. I'm such an ice-cream junkie =D

This is how I eat my ice cream ;P

Last pic before leaving the restaurant. Really like my new hairstyle.=D

Our family always celebrate occasions with food...hmm...maybe that's why it's so hard to keep our body figure hot! Anyways, it was great hanging out together like this. Since we spent so much time away in Macau, I do miss my aunts and cousins a lot.

After Jogoya, Melaine and I were just standing around looking at stuffs when a middle eastern guy approached and asked us which handbag is nicer? Honestly, I don't like both the bags on display. He then said he wants to buy it for his girlfriend so he's wants our opinion. Well, if I'm the girlfriend, I rather he get me something else as the bags are really hideous. Our conversation was really stupid...

Guy : Which bag is nicer?
Us : Both not nice. LV is better. *smiles*
Guy : I don't like LV...too many copies.
Me : -_-
Melaine : So where're you from?
Guy : Qatar. You know where is Qatar?
Me: *trying to layan* It's in the middle east rite?
Guy : Of course it's the middle east! But do you know exactly where? *eyes bulging*
Me: *don't wanna layan anymore*
Guy : Where are you gals from?
Me: We're Malaysians.
Guy : From Japan? *dunno he's deaf or what*
Melaine: From here *points to ground*
Guy : You're from here? But you look like Japanese. Your eyes are small...
Me : *wtf??*
Melaine: We're Chinese.
Guy : From China?
Melaine : No...we're born here *points to ground again*
Guy : Okay...I have to go *walks out of the mall without buying the stupid bag*

I don't understand these kinda people. Do they come to our country and expect us to be stupid? Do they think that we do not go to school and learn geography? I should've asked him if he can point Malaysia out on a map. As if his country is so important like that. That got me pissed. And then the Japanese part. Okay, maybe some people might say that we should be flattered as Japanese gals are known to be kinda hot. But I was pissed. When you visit a foreign country, at least try to find out basic details such as the various races that live there...oh..it doesn't hurt to know how they look like either. Just because our eyes are small doesn't make us Japanese and just because we're Chinese doesn't mean we come for China!

Anyways, it was still a fun day out despite our encounter with the rude and ignorant guy. Have to move on to more important things...hmm...whose birthday is next?

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