Saturday, October 25, 2008


I am wondering if I am the only one. Feeling the way I do. Does everyone has a friend they can count on for anything? Even place their life in their friend's hands? I envy people who has friends like that. To have one friend like that is a Godsend. To have a few, is a miracle. In this world, we are always taught that we can only trust ourself. Everyone else has an agenda. Be it in school, university or in the corporate world. How sad is that?

Friendship is so much simpler when we were young when the only goal was to have fun and get up to mischief after mischief. I find it hard to trust a friend totally as I've felt the betrayal too many times. I guess it's my fault as I didn't choose my friends properly. Why is it so hard to trust? It's said that we have to reveal something personal about oneself to create a good relationship. It's true that sharing can lessen one's burden. I don't envy priests as they have a duty to listen to everyone's problems and take on a little of each. It's sort of passing on the burden isn't it?. Have anyone given a thought to the priest? I can only imagine how heavy the responsibility is. Because of this, I feel that I shouldn't burden my friends with my issues...they are not priest after all. Maybe it's a mistake to assume that because people do need someone to listen and share. Sometimes the issues are so overwhelming and if I continue to keep it inside, I'll surely go insane.

We always want to portray a strong personality. The last thing we want is for someone to think we are of weak character and will crumble even with a whisper. So we avoid crying to our friends when something upsets us just in case they laugh instead of being understanding. Being upset is natural. Crying is natural. When did it become a negative emotion? When we laugh, it doesn't mean we are happy. When we smile, it doesn't mean our heart is smiling.

Sometimes I wonder, does friends have time to help us with our erratic emotions? Aren't they too busy with their own life and problems? Who actually give a damn anymore? This world is getting very individualistic with all the focus on I, Me and Myself. People need each other whether they admit it or not. When someone needs us. it gives us a purpose. To be needed is a humbling experience. We crave for such connections. Needing it only makes us human.

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