Friday, October 17, 2008

O & S Restaurant

Today Mum insisted she wants to eat at one of her favourite restaurant of 20 odd years. I'm serious. She always tell people that she has been eating at this restaurant even when she first came to KL before I was born. Some of the hawkers there still recognizes Mum and my aunts who really frequented the restaurant during those early years. We don't really go to this restaurant often as it's in Seapark which is quite a distance from our home in Putra Heights. But when the cravings kick in, there's no better hawker food in PJ than O & S Restaurant =)
If you wanna eat at this restaurant, it's best to go at odd hours. During peak times, it's hard to get a table and most of the time you'll be forced to share your table with strangers.
We were there at about 11am so it's pretty empty.

This is my all time favourite. Fish head noodles. But it comes with fish meat instead of the head which suits me fine. Only Mum eats fish head.

Mum ordered curry noodles today. Normally she'll have the prawn noodles.

See the fish? It's fried first and then served with milky soup with vermicelli. Totally a must-try at this restaurant.

Well, it's safe to say that almost every hawker at this restaurant serves really tasty food. Must-trys are prawn noodles, fish head noodles, char kuey teow, kuey teow soup, chee cheong fun, curry noodles, curry puff and even the fruits there seem to be sweeter =D. Wish I have a bigger stomach so I can eat more whenever I'm there. Looking forward to my next visit already =)


Anonymous said...

I prefer to eat fish meat than fish head because I don't know how to eat fish head. Not easy to get really nice fish head noodles. 1 bad experience I had was in Kuantan (extremely not nice).

Tracy said... really should try the fish head noodles in this restaurant. The best I've tasted =)

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