Thursday, October 23, 2008

In Stitches

I spent 2 hours yesterday night undoing my cross stitch. By the time I realized I had made a mistake, I was half way through the midnight news on TV3. So that means I was still cursing and swearing at 2am. One small mistake and it took me a painful 2 hours to undo it. Well, at least it still can be undone unlike certain decisions we make in life that is irreversible.

How did I get into the stitching mess? Well, it's all thanks to Mum and Eric who insisted strongly that they do not want a green carp. What's wrong with a carp that is green? They want it to be red -_- As if there's not enough red carp in the picture already. Since Mum is threatening to hold a lifetime grudge against me if I ever make it green, I finally agreed. By the way, I have already stitched 8 carps and this is the last one. Back to the story. Since the stitching chart is for a green carp, all the symbols are catered for exactly So to make it red, I have to manually do a colour conversion. Sounds easy right? But it's not okay. If it's that easy then I wouldn't have to unstitch.

So while I was almost finishing the above mentioned transcolour (the carp didn't change sex, instead it changed colour so I'm calling it blog, my way) I noticed it looked a little spastic. If there were ever a contest for spastic cross stitch carp, this transcolour would win hands down. Well, partly my fault as well coz I didn't spot it earlier. Just like in humans, the earlier you spot this kind of abnormality, the better it is. Long story short, I had to fix the transcolour. Just my luck that it took 2 bloody hours. Okay, I was watching Rachael Ray on tv and got distracted a little but still it's no fun unstitching!

So that was last night. This morning, my contact lens decided to be a magician. My right lens went missing from it's case. Only the right side as I'm wearing the left one now. I cleaned it last night and put it in the case and this morning, it's gone. It's no where to be found. Not on the floor, not in the sink and I even checked the toilet bowl. So I gave up and opened a new lens. I open the package, try to get it out and yippie...I tore it -_- Geez, I actually managed to lose 2 lenses in 12 hours. Thank goodness it doesn't take a fortune to replace my lenses, so now I'm left with 2 extra lenses for my left eye 0_o

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