Monday, September 29, 2008

Cross stitch : Carp update 2

I'm feeling dead tired today. Didn't get much sleep last night and it's not because of Eric's snoring. His snores have now downgraded it's decibel level so we can actually sleep in the same bed without me trying to kick him ever so often to stop the irritating snores. Last night, I think it's insomnia. I tossed and I turned and I counted sheeps...nothing worked. I then had evil thoughts of people I really dislike...see what the mind could do if it can't rest at night? I wanted to have a nap so badly this afternoon but decided not to...I wanna be super dead tired so I can drop dead on the bed tonight and have a nice dream in slumberland.

To keep myself awake this afternoon, I continued stitching. My eyelids were drooping and my mind was tired but I kept on going. I should've stopped, I really should've...coz I made so many mistake it was a torture to undo it and then redoing the stitches...pure torture =( I also couldn't read the stitching chart properly with my blur eyes...not to mention, my crazy brain kept replaying scenes of me falling asleep while stitching and the needle conveniently poked into my eye. Only God knows how I managed to stitch anything properly at all today.

Past couple of days, I was working on the bottom part of the picture. Got myself a small lily bud, a shark look-alike big red carp and just the tail of the black carp. That black carp is a pain to stitch as it's hiding among the stalks. That's why only got the tail. Again Mum complaint saying my fish is freaky with only half a body...I've also yet to stitch the eyes for the red carps...=P

The unfinished red shark/carp looks like a ghost fish in the pic.

Hmm...Mum's right, all my fishes does look a little freaky. Lily bud seems to be leaning to the right, hopefully I didn't stitch it wrongly 0_o

Wish I could stitch much faster than this, but the truth is, TVB is pretty distracting =P Mum and I are watching To Grow With Love staring Myolie Wu and Andy Hui. It's a story about how a fat girl gets ridiculed and how she's looking for true love. Too bad this drama/comedy is only airing for 30 minutes each this drama.

There's also another drama Last One Standing which just started a few days back after the conclusion of Moonlight Resonance. This drama is about how a guy (Kevin Cheng Ka-Wing) went to jail for 10 years for a crime (my speculation) committed by his cousin (Roger Kwok Chun On), so now he's out and wants to clear his name, at the same time, probably take revenge as well. That guy who went to jail, he has a super irritating sister and I feel like slapping her everytime she's in the scene. Her acting sux to the max and she keeps calling her brother "kor kor". I know "kor kor" means brother but then don't overdo it lar. Let me give an example:

Brother wants to report to police...irritating sister says...

"Kor kor, don't do it. Kor kor, I beg you. Kor kor,kor kor please don't do it.Kor korrrr..."

Try saying the above sentence out loud. Get what I mean by damn kau irritating? How many times must she use the "kor kor"? Talk about overkill. I was even tempted to write to TVB to complaint about it...really cannot stand it.

Okay, I think enough of drama bashing tonight. I just hope her character gets killed off soon. I don't care how, just get rid of her. Okay...enough already...nite nite *yawn*

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