Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cross stitch : Carp update

I've been stitching like crazy the past few days. Needed the distraction to keep myself calm in this crazy period of time. As a result, I managed to finish the humongous leaf, the lotus flower and got started on the red fish. Mum was so happy to finally get a glimpse of a red carp =) I like how the flower turned out, the colours go well together and it's really pretty though it took me hours to finish it 0_o

Have yet to finish the stalk. Hopefully more fishes soon.

Little red carp with no eyes yet...Mum says it looks freaky without eyes, so now she's bugging me to stitch the eyes.

Beautiful lotus flower with many shades of pink and red.

I've been looking through some website and saw this 2009 calendar by Margaret Sherry. There is also a "Cattitudes" Calendar which I'm really interested in as well. Unfortunately, I don't think I can buy the 2009 calendar anywhere in Macau or KL and the Cattitudes calendar is now kinda have the endangered status. I guess the only way to get the 2009 calendar is to purchase through the website or ebay.

Aren't they cute?

I'm now a little obsessed with cross stitching. Eric and Mum has been asking me to sell my completed projects but then who wanna buy cross stitch that's been finished? Half the fun is the stitching it in the first place and the half of the fun is seeing it framed on the wall. I've always been quite attached to my cross stitch projects and only ever gave a big one away to Jayne & Glenn for their wedding. BTW, it's no fun stitching the same pattern twice. It gets really boring. Unless someone is willing to pay me really good money to stitch for them, I'll just stick to making projects for family and friends =)

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Tracy said...

Back in Subang there's a few shops to get the supplies. In Macau, I've found one shop which is pretty convenient. I'm now looking to get stuffs from ebay =) Much more varieties there.

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