Thursday, September 18, 2008

Feeding the Sea Monkeys

My sea monkeys have really grown up! They look a little creepy now as I can see they have tails, small whiskers and lots and lots of small legs? Maybe that's what helps them to swim so fast. Not sure how do they resemble a monkey -_-

This small packet of Growth Food should be enough for a year's feeding.

Sea Monkeys only needs a small scoop of food each week.I guess they don't eat very much...

They are now big enough to be seen without the magnifying circle.

This sea monkey heading for some yummy food...

They look much bigger through the magnifying circle.

This is how a sea monkey looks like from the has a black streak down it's back.

This is a side view where it's many legs are visible...and I think the black dot is the eye 0_o

More sea monkeys at playing at the bottom of the small tank.

The one on the left is the biggest sea monkey in the tank for now. It is pretty big huh?

They seemed to grow at an alarming rate even before I started feeding them. Hopefully the growth food doesn't make them into giants or even more creepy looking. I think there are baby sea monkeys still hatching as I can see some really small ones swimming around. I read that they mate as well...can't imagine how it looks like. Hope my sea monkeys are not camera shy as they'll be starring in their own mini-homemade porn soon ;P

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