Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cross stitching again

Can't help it. I've been itching to stitch for quite some time now. I couldn't start earlier as I can't find something that I like to stitch. I'm picky =P Since I have loads of time now since I'm not working, I've decided to stitch carps below for Mum. She actually wanted horses but we couldn't find one that meets her requirement. First of all, it must have 8 horses. The horses must not look like they are smiling(this is my t & c). Secondly, the horses must be galloping beautifully and finally, it must be big. Big as in at least 4 ft wide. I'm afraid I'll never be able to find such a pattern to stitch.

Anyways, the carps we have chosen is pretty decent in size. When it's done, it'll be 13.6" X 27.1". It's not very big but mine you, it's not a small project either!

Koi Carp II by DMC

This is what I've managed to stitch the last couple of days.

So many shades of green on one small leaf!

I'm so sick of green now. All I've been stitching are shades of green. Can't wait till I get started on the fishes. Mum has been bugging me to work on the red koi coz she wants to see if it's going to be red enough -_-

I've now become a TVB junkie. Those Hong Kong dramas are really addictive. You know how in Malaysia we can only watch chinese drama from Mon - Fri(on free tv, not Astro ok)? Well, over here it's everyday. It's really a good way to keep people of the streets! Tonight we watched the most awaited finale of "kah hou yuet yuen" which I think is called Heart of Greed II or Moonlight Resonance. I'm confused myself. Anyways, this drama has a really fascinating storyline. Never in my wildest dream I would've imagine a drama about mooncake. It's a drama that guys should watch too. I like the underlying message of the drama, though it took like 40 episodes to get the message out. A man should appreciate his wife. If not, bad bad things are going to's a good message to keep in mind don't you think so?


I can't wait to stitch some more. Will post pics of my progress. Oh yeah, the sea monkeys are doing pretty ok I think. They've gotten really big and ugly now. Sadly, they haven't started mating yet ;P

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