Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hagupit Departs

The storm is over and the streets are strewn with rubbish and fallen trees. I was at home while the storm went about it's business outside so I missed the exciting part where one gets blown away while trying to walk. Even in our apartment, the chaos created by the storm can't be ignored. Strong winds rattle windows and doors, clothes flapping(lots of idea why people do laundry when there's a typhoon) and last but not least, flower pots and small objects tossed around.

I've managed to record the storm from our window. It's not much as our apartment is shielded by many tall buildings. Stupid me didn't realize that I should record it as "landscape" instead of "portrait" coz now I can't rotate the picture. Anyone who's going to view the short clip would've to turn their head 90 degrees. Yeah I know, I can be so dumb sometimes. (note: I've tried uploading the video and it's not working..oh well)

Eric was stranded at the hotel last night and couldn't come home as it was signal no.8 and many taxis were not operating. Those taxis who risked going out in the storm will charge a premium bout 400-500% the normal fare. I waited and waited and finally Eric grabbed a taxi and reached home bout 2.30am. I'm glad he didn't get blown away by strong winds when he crossed the road from MGM to Wynn...I'm sure those extra kg helped =P

The sky is clear now...looks like a beautiful day is here =)

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