Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Typhoon Hagupit & Monkey Play

My sea monkeys seemed to be surviving and no casualty yet *cross fingers*. The growth food I fed them are still abundant in the small tank making the water a little murky, but that is expected according to the Sea Monkey official website. The water will be clear again after they finish eating it.

Sea monkeys swimming around in boredom.

Some big and some small. But they all look creepy 0_o

See those legs? Ain't sexy to me...

This one is showing off it's long tail...maybe a long tail is attractive to female sea monkeys ;P

Awwww...my teenage sea monkeys are starting courtship. Wait...they have short tails, guess my long tail theory is crap.

Tickle...tickle...aren't they cute in a creepy sorta way?

Enough bout sea monkeys for today. Everyone in Macau is busy as a bee getting ready for Typhoon Hagupit. Tropical cyclone signal 3 is hoisted in Hong Kong and only signal 1 in Macau. Signal No.1 is just asking the people to be on standby while signal 3 means winds with mean speeds of 41 to 62 kilometres per hour are expected. Signal 8 is expected around dusk today by the Hong Kong Observatory. It seems that Hong Kong will be hit worst by the typhoon compared to Macau.

This typhoon is expected to bring strong winds and rain starting this afternoon according to the weather forecast. Found this cool website that tells us the country that named the typhoon (I guess it's an honour naming it?), how to pronounce the name properly (such as Mitag pronounced as ME-tok?) and last but not least, the meaning of the name. Malaysia contributed the typhoon name "nangka" -_- Of all things, they chose "nangka".

Back to Hagupit, it's pronounced as HA-GOO-PEET(no rocket science here, but I'm sure nangka is way easier). Hagupit means lash or flog.

It'll be my first typhoon experience so I'm a little excited. Mum was at the market this morning as she joins all the other aunties grabbing foodstuffs as everyone expected to stay indoors when the typhoon hits. The air is really still outside and temperature is at 31 degrees at the moment, it could be the calm before the storm.



Standby signal No.1 in Macau has been replaced by signal No.3 and it has started to rain slightly here with slow winds.

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